We all Have Our Secrets – Jane Corry ~ Blog Tour.

Back of the book :

You know she’s lying…
But so are you

Two women are staying in Willowmead House
One of them is running.
One of them is hiding.
Both of them are lying.

Emily made one bad decision, and now her career could be over. Her family home on the Cornish coast is the only place where she feels safe. But when she arrives, there’s a stranger living with her father. Emily doesn’t trust the beautiful young woman, convinced that she’s telling one lie after another. Soon, Emily becomes obsessed with finding out the truth…

But should some secrets stay buried forever?

What I think :

Midwife Emily Gentle has made a big mistake at work, so big that she decides to leave her job and home in London for a while. She decides to visit her father Harold, in Cornwall, Devon at the family home. Her family home is where she feel the safest so it makes sense for her to go there. Her father needs her as he’s suffering from dementia.

However, when she arrives home she is surprised to be met by a woman called Francoise. Apparently Francoise is her fathers new carer. Emily is more than taken aback with this turn of events.

Why has her father hired a carer ?

And who is Francoise really ?

Is she all that she seems ?

Emily must find out the truth at all costs …

I’m always very excited to be asked to review the next Jane Corry book. I absolutely adore her brilliant crime thrillers. I love all the twisty/turny clues that are hidden throughout the book. It keeps me on the edge of my seat, trying to work out Who-dun-it.

Whilst I really liked this latest novel, I felt it had a different theme from the usual. It doesn’t really feel like a crime thriller, more of a family drama with a bit of suspense thrown in.

Written from the Point-of-views of Emily and Francoise and some diary chapters from Harold from the war in France in the 1940’s, I did at some points find it a little hard to keep up with what was happening as it jumped about a bit. Having said that though, I did enjoy reading the book. There are a few twists to untangle.

As usual there are some very well written and complex characters, and it did keep me wanting to read more.

I give this book 4 stars

Published by Penguin Random House on 23/06/22

The biggest Thank you to Ellie Hudson at Penguin for the review copy of the book in return for an honest review.

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