My Top Ten Books of 2018

Hi lovely book people,

I know I’ve been pretty pants in the last couple of months about posting on my blog but my New Years Resolution is to be better and to post a least once a week 🙂 So to get the ball rolling is my top ten books of 2018 (In no particular order 🙂 )

1) Barbara Erskine – Lady of Hay

This is my favourite book of all time, so it’s always going to be on my top 10

2 Lisa Jewell – Watching you

3 The Key – Kathryn Hughes

4 The Last Lie – Alex Lake

5 You Let Me in – Lucy Clarke

6 The Doll House – Phoebe Morgan

7 The Innocent Wife – Amy Lloyd

8 The House swap – Rebecca Fleet

9 Our House – Louise Candlish

10 In the Dark – Cara Hunter

These books are by no means all of the good books I’ve read this year, but just a few that have stuck out for me. There have been too many to mention.

That’s all for now folks,

Happy Reading.

Candy xxx

I’m Back !!

Hi lovely book people,

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m back ….

My home life has changed considerably so I have got time to read and review again 🙂

So look out for my next review in a couple of days …. 🙂

Publishers and authors if you have any books that need reviewing you know where to come, I’m available on twitter or on email,

Candysbookcase – Twitter – email

I’m really looking forward to reading and reviewing some fabulous books in the coming weeks 🙂 and Christmas is coming so there’s that to look forward to !!

That’s all for now folks,

Happy reading,

Candy 🙂 xx

Skin Deep – Liz Nugent. ~ Blog Tour.

skin deep liz nugent

Back of the book :

I could probably have been an actress.
It is not difficult to pretend to be somebody else.
Isn’t that what I’ve been doing for most of my life?’

Cordelia Russell has been living on the French Riviera for twenty-five years, passing herself off as an English socialite. But her luck, and the kindness of strangers, have run out.

The arrival of a visitor from her distant past shocks Cordelia. She reacts violently to the intrusion and flees her flat to spend a drunken night at a glittering party. As dawn breaks she stumbles home through the back streets. Even before she opens her door she can hear the flies buzzing. She did not expect the corpse inside to start decomposing quite so quickly . . .

What I think :

Once I had cleared the bottles away and washed the blood off the floor, I needed to get out of the flat.’

Cordelia has been lying about who she is for a long time … years in fact.

But time is running out for her, her lies are quite simply going to bite her on the bum if she’s not careful.

Then she returns home from a glittering party and she smells the corpse …

What an excellent start to a book !

Yes,  there is a murder on the first page !

let’s face it when that happens you know you’re in for a good read !

Delia, our heroine (or not – whichever way you want to look at her) is a really complicated creature, who is not capable in my mind, to feel love or give it. She’s lied so much about herself so much over the years, does she even know who she is anymore ?

The book, set in the French Riviera and Ireland follows Delia’s past life and now.  We learn just how manipulative and just downright awful Delia can be.

Im not going to give anything away, but I will say this, its an excellent dark, twister of a book that will leave you wondering what you’ve just read !

This is the first of Liz Nugent’s books that I’ve read but somehow I don’t think it will be my last !

I give this excellent read 9/10

5 gold stars

Published by Penguin books on 15/11/18

A huge Thanks to Georgia Taylor at Penguin books for the review copy of the book in return for an honest review 🙂

Skin Deep Blog Tour

Taking a break …



Hi Lovely book people ,,,

Well, it would seem that my blogging break is over, for now …

My work circumstances have changed somewhat in the last few days and its seems I have a few more hours in my life once again. So guess how I’m planning on filling those few hours ?

Yes you would be correct in thinking that I will be reading !

So I’m back !

Look out for my review of the dark and twisty “Skin Deep” by Liz Nugent on 22 November 🙂

Thats all for now,

Happy Reading !

Candy 🙂 xxx



Taking a break ….

Hello lovely book people,

Just wanted to write a quick blog to let you all know that I’m taking a short blogging break.

Since I got my new job back In May I’ve been struggling to keep all my balls up in the air. I’ve been doing 40+ hour weeks at work and then coming home and literally going to bed and what with seeing my family and doing the housework, there hasn’t been much time to read.

I will still be reading – hopefully !!  And I will be back very soon (when I’ve had a rest !)

There are some brilliant books to be published soon so I’m really looking forward to reading them.

But at the moment I just need to take some time out for me.

See you all soon.

That’s all for now,

Happy Reading !

Candy 🙂 xx

Every Breath – Nicholas Sparks ~ Blog Tour.

nick sparkes

Back of the Book :

Hope Anderson is at a crossroads. After six years with her boyfriend, she is no longer sure what she wants, and when her father becomes ill she heads to her family’s cottage at Sunset Beach in North Carolina to make some difficult decisions.

Tru Walls has been summoned across an ocean from where he was born and raised in Zimbabwe by a letter from a man claiming to be his father. In journeying to Sunset Beach, Tru hopes to unravel the mystery surrounding his mother’s life, but the letter will lead him in an unexpected direction.

When these two strangers’ paths cross, their chance encounter sets in motion a heart-breaking story – one that will transcend decades, continents and the workings of fate.

What I think : 

I would like to start by saying that I have only read one other of Nicholas Sparks books and that of course is ‘The Notebook’ (I Have also watched the film and cried buckets ! ) So I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, to be truthful I’m not really a fan of romance books (crime thrillers are more my bag !) however I’m so glad I read this little gem of a book. From the note at the start of the book by Nick himself, right through to the last page of the epilogue, this book is truly wonderful.

This novel is a beautifully woven love story that makes to you smile and cry in equal measure. There isn’t enough of these timelessly classical love stories out there.

I really loved this beautiful (True?) story and would recommend that if you only buy one Nick Sparks book then please let it be this one.

I give it a well-earned 8/10

5 gold stars

Published by Little Brown (Sphere) on 16/10/18

A huge Thank you to Eleanor Hemming at Midas for the review copy of the book.

The Promise – Katerina Diamond ~Blog Tour.

The Promise

Back of the book :

No one can protect you from your past…

When a young woman is found strangled in her own bedroom, DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles are plunged into an investigation to find a twisted serial killer who likes to date his victims before he kills them.

Determined to stop the horrific deaths, Imogen is forced to act as bait – but will she get caught in her own trap? As the search for the killer ramps up, attention falls on the strange new boy in town. Why does he watch his neighbours through the windows? And could the truth be closer to home than any of them realise?

What I think : 

Firstly,  can we just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful cover of this book …

Ok then, that done, Imogen and Adrian are back again.

What a corker of a book !

This is a fabulous story with such fabulous characters. It’s the type of book that from the minute you pick it up it drags you in right from the first word to the last.

This one has three storylines running.

We meet Connor who has moved from America to Exeter after some big trouble at his last school – He was involved in a shooting. All he wants to do is make a new start and settle in and just be ‘one of the guys’ but, sadly that isn’t going to be the case, because the kids at his new school have other ideas for him. It’s a good job he has someone to help in the shape of his uncle Joel. We also have Adrian and Imogen investigating a series of murders, the killer is dating his victims before murdering them. Also in amongst all of this we have some diary entries from someone called Victoria, just who she ? How does she fit into the story ?

All in all this is an excellent thriller with loads of twists and turns. If you buy only one thriller this autumn, this is the one you really need to go out and buy. I really enjoyed it, I have read all of Katerina’s other novel’s and I think that this one may be her best yet 🙂

I give this brilliant book a very well-earned 9/10.

5 gold stars

Published on 20/09/18 by Avon books.

A huge Thank you to Sabah Khan at Avon Books for the review copy of the book and the gorgeous necklace.

Here for your reading pleasure is an extract from the book.

Extract : 

Erica’s heart fluttered as she saw him in the corner, sipping his wine and looking at his phone. She thought how strange it was that they were only just meeting and yet they had already seen each other naked. As though sensing her arrival, he looked up, and the biggest grin spread across his face. Relieved to see that he wasn’t disappointed, Erica walked over. He stood up and held his hand out to shake hers. She placed her hand in his, all the while looking at his knuckles, his fingers, his skin tone. She was trying to commit this moment to memory because she knew it was important. This was the beginning of the rest of her life.

‘Warren?’ she said, knowing the answer. The smile on her face was beginning to ache. This already felt too good to be true. He leaned across and kissed her on the cheek. He smelled of expensive aftershave, something understated and slightly feminine, with a little spice to it.

‘It’s good to finally meet you, Erica,’ he said shyly.

‘How is your hotel?’ she asked but regretted it instantly, hoping he wouldn’t think she was alluding to anything.

‘Pretty basic, the bed is quite lumpy and hard. I probably should have forked out for something a little less franchise-y.’

‘Lesson learned for next time, eh?’ She smiled again.

He was even better looking in the flesh. His blond surfer hair hung to his shoulders; he looked like something from Sons of Anarchy or a nineties Seattle rock band. His skin was weather-beaten but still somehow perfect. Everything about him was perfect.

Why was he looking online for a girlfriend?

Why was he interested in her?

She could barely understand it but what the hell, this was happening and she was going to enjoy it. As they both sat down, the waiter came over and took their order. The conversation flowed with such ease that Erica had to warn herself to calm down. Nothing worked out for her, certainly not men, certainly no one as handsome as Warren. She could hear her sister’s voice in her head, telling her to be careful, not to fall too fast – something she had told her a million times. Now that Erica was sitting here face-to-face with Warren, her sister’s words were the furthest things from her mind.

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