The House – Simon Lelic ~Blog Tour.


The House - Book Jacket

Back of the Book : 

Are you sure, you’ve locked the door ?

Are you sure you’re alone ?

Every house has a past.

Every couple has their secrets. 

Londoner’s Jack and Syd moved into their house a year ago. It seemed like their dream home : tons of space, the perfect location and a friendly owner who wanted a young couple to have it.

So when they made a grisly discovery in the attic, Jack and Sad choose to ignore it. But that was a mistake.

Because someone has just been murdered.

Right outside their back door.

And now the police are watching them … 


What I think : 

Syd, Jack’s Wife is really pleased when they win a sealed bid auction on a house they never thought they’d be able to afford. Never in a million years did they think that the owner would pick them, as they thought that their offer must be a lot lower than everyones else’s.

The house itself comes packed with all the old owners belongings, and when I say packed I mean horder packed, old newspapers, boxes and letters are all crammed in, I don’t think the old owners ever threw anything away !  Apparently they just upped and left, leaving everything behind.

Syd really loves the house but Jack isn’t as fussed, he thinks there is something a bit dark and a bit wrong with the house. But, he wants to makes to make Syd happy so he goes along with it and agrees to live there.

However, soon odd things start to happen, and they find something really awful in the loft. Its from there on in that it starts to get really weird and all the time the police are watching …..

The book is narrated through the couple, Jack and Syd. It tells us how their live spirals out of control almost as soon as they move into “The House” 

We also get to know them a bit better through their pasts, Syd’s was more unsettled as she fell into the wrong path and took drugs. Where as Jacks life is more settled and was brought up in a mddle class household.

The book is pretty creepy right from the start, it has loads of twists and turns which kept me on the edge of my seat. I did find it slightly slow going to start with but it soon gathers pace.

Te characters are are brilliantly written and quite believable.

I quite liked the different way it was written and give it 8/10.

Published by Penguin on Ebook on 17/09/17 and in Paperback 02/11/17.

A Huge Thank you to Annie Hollands at Penguin for the review copy of the book






The Roanoke Girls – Amy Engel.

Hello lovely book people …

I just wanted to do a quick review of this novel that I’ve just read …

I’d heard loads about it, I think its even on the Richard and Judy book list, so I was quite eager to buy it. However, with all things that have been hyped, I found it falling slightly short.

Anyway here’s my thoughts in this short review …


The Roanoke Girls
Back of the book: 

Beautiful, rich, mysterious …

The Roanoke Girls seem to have it all.

But there’s a dark truth about them that’s never been spoken.

Every Girl either runs away, or dies.

Lane is one of the lucky ones. When she was fifteen, over one long , hot summer at her grandparents’ estate in rural Kanas, she found out what it really means to be a Roanoke Girl.

Lane ran, far and fast

Until ten years later, when her Cousin Allegra goes missing – Lane has no choice but to go back.

She is a Roanoke Girl.

Is she strong enough to escape a second time ?


What I think : 

This is one odd book ! Like I said at the start of this review I’d heard a lot of different things about this book, mostly of how screwed up it is. However in my opinion, I don’t think it quite warrants this sort of description. Yes, admittedly there are some very questionable things that happen in this book, which to my mind are pretty sick, but in this day and age I really didn’t think think that it was quite that bad.

I went into reading this book with a open mind, but, as I started reading I pretty much guessed what was going to be the underlying topic of the book. I won’t say anything as I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t read it. However, I think like me, you can guess whats going to happen. Having said all that, I quite enjoyed the book, it is one of those that once you start reading you can’t put it down until you get to the end and find out whats going to happen. It also has a great twist, which I didn’t guess.

I give this questionable book 8/10.

Published on 10/08/17 by Hodder.

I purchased my copy from Amazon for £7.99.

Every Last Lie – Mary Kubica ~ Blog Tour.

Mary Kubica


Back of the book :

She always trusted her husband …. 

Until he died ….

Clara Solberg’s world shatters when her husband and four-year-old daughter are in a car crash, killing Nick while Maisie is remarkably unharmed.

But when Maisie starts having nightmares, Clara becomes obsessed that Nicks death was far much than just an accident.

Who wanted Nick dead ? And, more importantly, Why ? Clara will stop at nothing to find the truth – even if it makes her question whether her entire marriage has been a lie …..


What I think : 

Clara and Nick have a happy marriage, two kids, Maisie and four-day-old Felix, all in all they have a good life together, So you can imagine how Clara feels when Nick goes out one day to collect Maisie from her dance class and to buy some takeaway food, and never returns. Instead of her husband at the door its the police. They inform her that Nick has died in a car accident, but little Maisie is fine, apart from a cut on her hand. However Maisie is very traumatised, not by the accident its self, but by the “Bad Man’ that was after them at the time of the accident and who Maisie thinks may have followed them to the hospital. She won’t tell Clara who the “Bad Man’ is though she’s far too scared.

Its when Maisie starts having nightmares and won’t sleep on her own that Clara thinks that there was maybe more to this accident than meets the eye. as Clara starts to ask questions she soon discovers that her husband may have been lying to her all along and her marriage may well have been a lie ….

This book is split into parts : Nick – before the accident and Clara – Now.

The “Nick” before parts is narrated by nick and its a bit before the baby is born and before the accident. These chapters sort of set the scene for his and Clara’s life together on the run up to the accident.

The ‘Clara” now parts show how Clara is grieving and coping with the death of her husband and also how she soon realises that the accident probably wasn’t an accident after all. It also shows how she’s tries to work out what happened and how she keeps her children safe.

This is a novel that is full of twists and turns. Its very fast-paced, when I say that, I mean it moves very quickly and you have to really concentrate to keep up. But in a good way as its quite unput-downable. I really liked the way that the author wrote from different perspectives, Nick’s in the past and Clara’s now.

There are many secrets and lies that come out in Clara and Nick’s Marriage and I did wonder sometimes where the author was taking it. However it does all become clear in the end. Talking of endings, WOW ! what an ending ! its got a real hum-dinger of a twist, you really don’t see it coming.

This is the first of Mary”s novels that I have read, I will certainly be going out and getting her back list !

This is an excellent novel that keeps you right on the edge of your seat. I would highly recommend it and give it 9/10 (5 Stars)

5 gold stars


Published by HQ (Harper Collins) on 10/08/17

A big Thank you to Anna Massardi from HQ for the review copy of the book.


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Then She was Gone – Lisa Jewell.

Lisa Jewell


Back of the book : 

She was fifteen, her mother’s golden girl.

She had her whole life in front of her.

And then, in the blink of an eye she was gone … 

Ten years on, Laurel has never given up hope of finding Ellie. And then she meets a charming and charismatic stranger who sweeps her off her feet.

But what really takes her breath away is when she meets his nine-year-old daughter.

Because his daughter is the image of Ellie.

Now all those unanswered questions that have haunted Laurel come flooding back …

What really happened to Ellie ? 

And who still has secrets to hide ? 


What I think : 

When Laurel’s daughter Ellie went missing, she wasn’t sure whether she ran away or something more sinister has happened to her. But, almost 10 years later Laurel still holds on to the hope that, one day Ellie might just come back …. I mean, she only left to go to the library, she hadn’t packed any clothes or taken any of her other belongings so she obviously was meaning to come home again …

Then Laurel meets Floyd, she’s just sat in a coffee shop eating cake and there he is. They start to chat. Finally Laurel feels strong enough to move on and maybe have a life.

Floyd has 2 Daughters, one from his ex-wife, who’s all but grown now, and he also has a  nine-year-old called Poppy from a relationship that went rather bad. Poppy’s mother isn’t around anymore so Floyd is a single parent.

When Lauren meets Poppy she has a bit of a shock, for Poppy looks just like her lost daughter Ellie …

Is it all just a huge coincidence ?

Or does Floyd know more than he’s telling ?

I absolutely loved this brilliant novel !

The characters are fabulous, Laurel has two other children, that are older than Ellie. Her relationships with both of her remaining children are pretty strained. I think this is because of what happened when Ellie went missing, also her marriage to Ellie’s father Paul has broken down, which nine times out of ten happens when something like this happens to a family. Both of theses things are perfectly described in this book.

This book is broken down into four parts, before, the beginning, the middle and the after. Also some of the chapters are narrated by the main characters, so you always know what is going on.

But, what I liked the most was the way that Lisa has effortlessly crossed over from women’s fiction to thriller/crime writing. This book had me hooked from the very first page to the last. I absolutely loved the way it had me on the edge of my seat with all its twists and turns.

Although I pretty much guessed the twist, it was Lisa’s brilliant writing that had me hooked until its brilliant conclusion.

I really loved this book and I’m looking forward to more from Lisa in this genre.

I give this book a very well-earned 10/10.

5 gold stars

Published by Century (Penguin books) on 27/07/17.

I purchased my copy from Waterstones Cambridge for £9.99.

 Perfect Prey – Helen Fields ~ Blog Tour.

Helen Fields


Back of the book : 

There will be blood ….

Welcome to Edinburgh.

Murder capital of Europe.

In the middle of a rock festival, a charity worker is sliced across the stomach. He dies minutes later. In a crowd of thousands, no one saw his attacker.

The following week, the body of a primary school teacher is found in a dumpster, strangled with her own scarf.

D.I Ava Turner and D.I Luc Callanach have no leads and no motive – Until graffiti appears around the city, describing each victim.

Its only when they realise the words are being written before rather than after the murders, that they understand the killer is announcing his next victim … And the more innocent the better.

What I think : 

When a well-liked charity worker is slashed in the stomach and killed at a rock festival, no-one saw it. And then almost minutes after, across town, a woman is crushed by her own furniture. Her attacker/murderer pushed a heavy chest of drawers on her and jumped on it, Squashing her to death. There are no clues and again no-one saw anything. Are the two linked … ?

D.I Luc Callanach and D.I Ava Turner are put on the case, they have nothing to go on. They have no witnesses and no CCTV.  Soon, however, there are two more murders. An elderly Librarian is skinned and strung up in the basement of the library where he worked and then a young woman is found strangled by her own scarf, and thrown in a dumpster.  Are all four linked do they have a serial killer on the loose … ?

Then there is the graffiti that has started appearing around town …

Who is doing this and why .. ? Can Luc and Ava catch them before its too late … ?

Just like the last book, this one has a lot of blood and is pretty gory, the line on the front of the novel is very true … ‘There is a lot of blood”

This time however the author has split Luc and Ava up. Luc is more on his own as D.I Turner has her own cases to solve and also a face from her past has turned up in the shape of DCI Joe Edgar. He has arrived at the station with his own team to help investigate a cyber crime. DCI Edgar doesnt really seem to like Luc very much. He also seems to be taking up a lot of Ava’s spare time, so Luc isn’t even seeing her socially either.

I really liked all the twists and turns of this one and as usual the characters are really well written. I did think that Luc seemed slightly more human in this novel. But Ava seemed really unapproachable and different. I know she has a lot to deal with, but I do hope that in the next one she’s back to her normal self.

All in all a brilliant second novel in the D.I Callanach series and I’m really looking forward to the next one.

I give this a well earned 8/10 (4 Stars)


Published by Avon Books on 27/07/17.

A big thank you to Sabah Khan at Avon Books for the review copy of the book.

And here for your reading pleasure is an extract from the book.

Extract …

Extract 2 Chapter 2 page 10 – 12

The cut was deep, even, and yet very little force seems to have been required to puncture far into the abdominal cavity. Whoever did this took pride in it, thought about efficiency, understood the mechanics of it. This was no impromptu stabbing or weapon grabbed in the heat of an argument.’

‘An assassination then?’ Callanach asked, bending over the body and taking stock.

‘More like a ritual, if you ask me,’ she said. ‘This was dreamed up, practised and perfected.’

‘How old is he?’

‘Between eighteen and twenty-two, I think. Five feet, eleven inches. Active, no spare fat, good muscle mass but not one of those types who live at the gym. Size ten shoe. Brown hair, hazel eyes. No defence wounds. Never saw it coming.’

‘So he didn’t recognise his attacker as a threat when they came for him?’

‘Most unlikely. You don’t look well yourself, Luc. Are you sleeping?’ Ailsa asked as she peeled off her gloves and made notes.

‘I’m sleeping just fine,’ he lied.

‘Eating properly? You’re pale and you have broken blood vessels in your eyes.’

‘I’ll phone you tomorrow for the tox results,’ he evaded. ‘Anything before that and you have my mobile number.’

‘Give my regards to DI Turner, would you? I haven’t seen her for an age. I used to catch up with her mother regularly at an opera appreciation group but I haven’t bumped into her recently either,’ Ailsa said, stretching her back. In her mid-sixties, tiny and birdlike, she was a force to be reckoned with.

‘I’ll pass that on,’ he said, stripping off his own gown and dropping it into the bin outside the door.

On his return to the station, a grim welcome party sat around in the incident room. Callanach looked directly to Detective Constable Tripp.

‘Just following up a lead from a phone call, sir,’ Tripp said. ‘Young woman called in to say she and her boyfriend got separated at the festival. He hasn’t turned up yet. I’ve sent a car to pick her up.’

‘Did she give his name?’ Callanach asked, grabbing coffee as he sat at a computer.

‘Sim Thorburn,’ Tripp replied, pressing a couple of keys and

waiting for a photo to load, one step ahead as ever. Some new social networking site popped up in seconds with a multitude of larger than life photos. In each one, the lad was smiling, laughing, his expression carefree and guileless. In the last, he was hand in hand with his girlfriend. Without a doubt, it was the same hand that Ailsa Lambert had been patting a short while ago.

‘That’s him,’ Callanach said. ‘So what do we know?’

‘At the moment, everything that’s on his home page. He didn’t bother with privacy filters, so it’s there for the world to see. He’s twenty-one, Scottish, lives in Edinburgh.’

‘Police record?’

‘Not that we can find.’ A phone rang behind Tripp and someone passed him a note. ‘The girlfriend’s here, sir. And DCI Begbie wants to see you as soon as you’re done.’

‘Of course he does,’ Callanach said, standing up. ‘Do you have any idea where DI Turner is, Tripp? Only Ailsa Lambert was asking after her.’

‘Off duty,’ DC Salter shouted from the corridor. ‘Said something about maybe being in late tomorrow too. Did you want me to get a message to her, sir?’

‘No thanks, Salter,’ Callanach shouted after her. ‘It’s nothing that can’t wait.’ Unlike Sim Thorburn’s girlfriend, no doubt already suspecting the worst but who’d be downstairs holding out for a miracle. She would be imagining some mistake, hoping perhaps that in

spite of the evidence, her boyfriend had met some friends and wandered off without telling her. Any number of excuses for his disappearance would be going through her mind. Until she saw Callanach’s face, he thought. People knew the second they looked at you.



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Do not Become Alarmed – Maile Meloy ~Blog Tour.

Do not become alarmed


Back of the book :

When Liv and Nora decide to take their husbands and children on a holiday cruise, everyone is thrilled. The ships comforts and possibilities seem infinite. But when they all go ashore in beautiful Central America, a series of minor mishaps lead the families further from the ships safety.

One minute the children are there, and the next they’re gone …

What follows is a heart-racing story told from the perspectives of the adults and the children, as the distraught parents – now now turning on one another and blaming themselves – try to recover their children and their shattered lives.


What I think : 

Cousins Liv and Nora have taken their husbands and Kids on a winter cruise around South America. Nora had recently lost her mother and really didn’t want to spend Christmas at home, so Liv suggested that they all take a cruise. So Nora’s Husband Raymond and kids Marcus and June, join Liv and her husband Ben and their children Sebastian and penny on a trip of a lifetime.

At first everything seems to be brilliant, the rooms are spotlessly clean and very posh, there is plenty to do and lots of trips to take when they stop off at each place. They even make friends with a Argentinian family – Guntha, Camilla and their children. Everything is good. Then a few days into the trip, small disasters start to happen, a tire blow-out on a day trip, then a car accident.  Its whilst they’re waiting for assistance, after the car accident, that they decide to visit a beach that is close by.  Then the kids go missing …

At first, the kids forget about the tide coming up fast, they think it’ll be ok, they’ll just wait for their parents to realise and someone will come find them. But then the whole thing takes a sinister turn ….

I must admit,I really wasn’t sure about this book when I first started reading, its really not your normal crime novel, in as much that you know exactly whats going on at all times. You know whats going on with the kids and how they go missing and what happens throughout. Usually in Thrillers/crime novels you only find out what and why right at the end.

Its also quite slow to get going, but do stick with it, because all of a sudden you jump straight into the main bit of the story and it really gets going.

The characters weren’t your normal ‘everyday’ people, I’m mean for instance, Nora’s husband is some sort of TV star and Liv herself is a programme director !

I really didn’t like either women much, when the kids go ‘missing’ Nora is off with the tour guide somewhere in a bush, doing heaven knows what and liv has fallen asleep, so neither of them were taking any notice of what their kids were up to. This lays the path for them to start turning on each other, each blaming the other for what has happened.

Like I said earlier, this is not your average thriller/crime novel but it is a very interesting way to see all perspectives and because of that it has stuck in my mind.

I give this one 8/10 (4 stars)


Published on 06/07/17 by Viking (Penguin)

A big Thank you to Josie Murdoch for the review copy of the book



her last breath – tracy buchanan – Blog Tour.

tracy buchanan

Back of the book : 

A girl has gone missing, you’ve never met her, but, you’re to blame. 

Food writer Estelle Forster has the perfect life. And with her first book on the way, its about to get even better.

When Estelle hears about Poppy O’farrell’s disappearance, she assumes that girl has simply ran away. But Estelle’s world crumbles when she’s sent a photo of Poppy along with a terrifying note : I’m watching you. I know everything about you.

Estelle has no idea who’s threatening her, of how she’s connected to the missing teen, but she thinks the answers lie in the coastal town she once called home, and the past she hoped was long behind her.

Estelle knows she must do everything to find Poppy. But how far will she go to hide the truth – that her perfect life was a perfect lie.


What I think : 

Estelle has a wonderful life, A perfect boyfriend, and book coming out soon ..

When a young girl goes missing, she thinks nothing of it. She doesn’t know Poppy O’farrell, and anyway she ran away from home didn’t she ?

Then, on the evening of a dinner party she receives a bunch of flowers, some poppys. At first she thinks they are from well-wisher, but then she receives a photo of the missing girl in something she has ordered. There is also chilling message written on the photo, it’s then that Estelle’s past comes rushing back and she realises she must revisit that past.

Estelle still has no idea how she is connected to the missing girl, however its plain that someone from her past does …

Estelle travels back to the seaside town she spent her teenage years to see if she can find the answers there.

Can she help find the missing teenager without revealing her past … ?


I really quite liked this one, although it is a bit of a slower burner at the start, it really doesn’t get going for quite a while.  I also liked the way that there was small paragraphs from the point of view of the person sending the photo’s etc, it lets you know exactly how that person was feeling at that time.

The characters are pretty well written although I did find Estelle’s foster parents quite irritating and I think that they must have been the most unhealthy people in that small town with all the fry-ups that they ate ! Im really not surprised that Estelle had a eating disorder, although I do think that the author should  have covered it more than the small paragraph s here and there referring to it.

There are plenty of twists and turns in this book and a huge twist at the the end. It does shape up to be quite a good thriller in the end after its slow start.

I give this one 8/10. (4 Stars)


Published by Avon on 29/06/17.

A huge thanks to Sabah Khan at Avon for the review copy of the book.

And Here for your reading pleasure is a small extract from the book.


I see you standing there. Can you sense me watching you?
You’re usually so good at hiding your feelings. Not now though.
You look so sad. So confused.
I ought to feel guilty. And yes, it oozes at the back of my mind, briefly. But it doesn’t take much to shut it down.
You deserve this, after all.
You told me you felt like this when they put you into care. Like you were helpless on a stormy sea. But then Autumn and Max came along, your anchors.
Well, they’re not here for you now, are they?
So maybe you’ll drown.
And then you’d be really pure, not just covering up the filth inside like you’re doing now with grown-up dresses and pretty hair.
But clean inside and out, just like you told me you wanted to be.
And then you’ll realise what you’ve done.
You’ll understand why I’m doing what I’m doing.
To save you, in a way. To save all of us