Review Policy

I am always happy to consider any requests to review books.

Please contact me on my email address : or on twitter, @candysbookcase and I’ll reply as soon as I can 🙂

My choice of books are Chick Lit, Contemporary Fiction, Romance and Crime or Thriller. Although I will read most things, I’m not a fan of war, Graphic Novels or Poem Books so please don’t ask me to review any of those – Thanks 😊

I am willing to consider any reviewing requests from authors, publishers or PR companies. However, **** PLEASE NOTE : I am NOT accepting ANY requests from any self-publishing authors. You will not receive an answer to any emails regarding this *****

I am also willing to be added to any publisher mailing lists for review copies.

My Reviews will always be honest and I always aim to post my review on or just after publication date.

I am happy for my reviews or part of my reviews to be linked by an author, however the copyright belongs to me.

The Reviews will be posted on my Blog : And occasionally on Goodreads.
I also review for Bookbridgr and NetGalley.

Please Note : All images and extracts have either been sent from the publisher/author or are from Google.

***Please be aware that at the moment I am unable to review any ebooks/PDF’s as my Kindle has broken.*** Hopefully this will be rectified soon. (Updated on 10/05/23)

Thank you 🙂


My ratings are out of 10 and are as follows ;

No rating – couldn’t finish

1-2 – Couldn’t get on with it but managed to finish.

3-4 – Didn’t like it that much.

5-6 – Ok.

7-8 – Pretty good, would recommend.

9-10 – Excellent !


Updated on 10/05/23

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One thought on “Review Policy

  1. I like your website. Please let me know if you change your policy against self-published authors. All the best, — JD

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