Three Weddings and a Proposal – Sheila O’Flanagan ~Blog Tour.

Back of the book :

Delphine is at a wedding when the shocking news comes. Suddenly her life changes forever.

Delphine has worked hard for her success and she knows she’s got everything she wants. But not everyone agrees. Her opinioned family aren’t convinced that living alone with no plans to ‘settle down’ could possibly make her truly happy, and no one appreciates it when she drops everything, day or night, whenever her boss Conrad calls. Yet Delphine wouldn’t change a thing. And when Conrad makes her a surprise offer, its clear her hard work is going to pay off.

A few short days later, Delphine’s life is unrecognisable. The man who once broke her heart has suddenly reappeared and a shocking tragedy turns her world on it’s head.

Delphine must rethink everything that matters to her, and to those around her, and decide once and for all, if love, family and a little compromise should come before career, security and independence … and if she’s prepared to make that choice.

What I think :

Delphine’s family thinks she works too much, and they worry about her, scared that she’ll never find anybody to love her if she’s at work all the time. But Delphine loves her job, as Executive Assistant to a wealthy businessman she has a lot of responsibility, she also knows she’s good at what she does. She really does love her life. She has everything she needs, a cottage at the seaside and some lovely friends who she loves.

Everything is good, but then her brother decides to get married and she needs a ‘plus one’ to take to the wedding its then her life is thrown into disarray by the reappearance of her Ex and she’s hit by unexpected tragedy. Delphine has to re-evaluate her life and wonder if she made the right choices after all ….

I have always loved Shelia’s books, they are always full of lovely down to earth characters that you can always identify with and this one is no exception. I really liked the character of Delphine and if it was real life I’d probably want to be friends with her !!

This is an enjoyable easy read, with a fast paced story. Lots of ups and downs with a bit of drama thrown in for good measure.

I give this book book a well-earned 9/10 (5 stars)

Published by Headline review on 20/05/21.

The biggest thank you to Anne Cater at Random things tours for the review copy of the book in return for an honest review.

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