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The Lost Hours – Susan Lewis ~ Blog Tour.

Back of the book :

Golden couple Annie and David Crayce have it all. A loving marriage, three beautiful children and a thriving family business. Life couldn’t be better. Until the unthinkable happens… 

A perfect crime? 

A piece of damning DNA evidence has arisen, placing David as the prime suspect of a murder committed twenty-years ago. Annie is sure her David is innocent. But if he isn’t guilty, then either his father or brother must be. 

As the police investigate the cold case, so does Annie. Trawling through her old diaries, she begins desperately looking for answers. But it all comes down to a few lost hours she can’t solve.

And Annie begins to doubt the one person she thought she knew best… Her husband.

What I think :

David and Annie have a good life, three kids, Sienna, max and Quin and a family business that’s doing well. They run a shooting school on the moors in Exmoor.

When daughter Sienna is caught shoplifting a bear from a toy shop, she is arrested and her DNA and fingerprints are taken as a routine measure. When no charges are brought against her she thinks that nothing else will come of it, but her DNA has been run through the police data base and its this DNA that is found to be a familial match to DNA that was found on a missing persons body from a murder case from twenty years ago. This means that a Male relative from Siennas family has a DNA match to the evidence found.

Karen Lomax went missing and two days later was found murdered in a derelict railway hut. This happened twenty years ago. Karen was seventeen.

Then David is arrested for Karens murder. Is it a case of mistaken identity ?

David is protesting his innocence, he says that he doesn’t even know who she is. But does he know more than he’s saying ?

Then his brother Henry and father Dickie (Richard) are both questioned and have DNA taken, do certain members the family know more than they’re letting on … ?

As the police continue to investigate, Annie, who wholeheartedly believes in David’s innocence, starts a fact finding mission of her own by looking through her old diaries but what will she find … ?

I really enjoyed this book as I do all of Susans books. She really is one of my favourite authors of all time !! They are all fabulous thrillers that are always full of twists and turns, you never really know who the actual culprit is right until the big reveal at the end. I have tried many times to guess who-dun-it but I never guess correctly, it’s never who you think it is !!

Her books are always so very well researched with the best characters that are so well-formed and very relatable. They never fail to keep you engrossed from the very first page to the last.

I really don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to give anything away, but I really do think that Susan’s books just get better and better.

I thought this book is an excellent read and give it a very well earned 10/10 (5 stars)

Published by Harper Collins on 01/04/21

The biggest thank you to Anne Cater/ RandomThings tours for the review copy of the book in return for an honest review.