The Tuscan Contessa – Dinah Jefferies ~ Blog Tour.

Dinah Jefferies


Back of the book

In 1943, Contessa Sofia de’ Corsi’s peaceful Tuscan villa among the olive groves is upturned by the sudden arrival of German soldiers. Desperate to fight back, she agrees to shelter a wounded British radio engineer in her home, keeping him hidden from her husband Lorenzo – knowing that she is putting all of their lives at risk.

When Maxine, an Italian-American working for the resistance, arrives on Sofia’s doorstep, the pair forge an uneasy alliance. Feisty, independent Maxine promised herself never to fall in love. But when she meets a handsome partisan named Marco, she realizes it’s a promise she can’t keep…

Before long, the two women find themselves entangled in a dangerous game with the Nazis. Will they be discovered? And will they both be able to save the ones they love?


What I think :

Wow ! just Wow ! I always get very excited when I hear that Dinah has written another of her fabulous books ( long ago when I first started reviewing/blogging, Dinah’s first book was my first ever review (a first for both of us) So there is a little space in my heart reserved for Dinah and her books) I absolutely love her books, and this latest one is no exception.

This time we are off to Tuscany in Italy and its the 1940’s (ww2) We meet Contessa Sofia de’ Corsi and her husband Count Lorenzo. When war breaks out the Contessa wants to help the war effort so she secretly provides medical aid and shelter without her husband finding out. Then Maxine arrives, she is working for the resistance and the two form a sort of partnership. When Maxine falls in love she realises that she’s made a promise she can’t possibly keep, and before long the pair are involved in a really dangerous game.

After everything that they have put a risk, will they survive long enough to save the people they love … ?

This book, as always, is a fabulous read, her books are always well researched and her characters are so relatable and well-formed. With descriptions second to none its like you are really there in 1940’s Italy with the sun on your face. If you only read one book this summer, make it this one, you won’t regret it !! It’s a book you can’t put down, it grabs you right from the first page, up to the last.

I adored this book and give it my highest award of 10/10 (5stars)



Published by Penguin on 23/07/20.

The biggest Thank you to Georgia Taylor at Penguin for the review copy of the book in return for an honest review.



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