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lesley Pearse


Back of the book :

In a Shepherd’s Bush bedsit, Amelia White dreams of being a reporter. The closest she’s come is selling advertising in the local paper.

Until the fateful day she stumbles on a truly shocking scoop.

Round the corner from her home, she discovers the body of a murder victim, dumped among the rubbish. When the police and reporters descend, Amelia is horrified at the assumptions made and lies soon to be spread about this poor young woman.

Determined to protect the victim from these smears and help her grieving family, she convinces her paper’s editor to allow her to take up her pen and tell the true story.

But when another body is found and the police investigation stalls, Amelia – uncovering new witnesses and suspects in her search for clues – discovers that she may be the only one with any chance of learning the truth and stopping more killings.

If only she can work out who the liar is . . .


What I think : 

Shepherds Bush, 1970’s Amelia dreams of something big …

Amelia is on her own, after a traumatic childhood, she lives in a dilapidated building that she keeps clean and tidy (she’s about the only person that does) She doesn’t have any real friends. But she remains cheery and optimistic that one day she’ll realise her dreams.

She currently works at the West London Weekly Newspaper selling adverts, but what she really wants to be is a journalist or write a book.

When she finds a pair of boots in a rubbish bin she thinks she’s struck lucky as she’s had her eye on a pair of these boots for ages. However the boots still belong to someone else, as they’re still on the feet of murdered young girl.

So begins a media circus, Amelia is horrified by the lies that are told about the poor murdered girl. She manages to convince her boss to let her find out about the victim and her family and write the truth. Then more bodies are found, and the police trail goes cold, is Amelia the only person to able to find out the truth … ?

Who is the liar ?

I have always absolutely loved Lesley’s books and have read all of them many times over. I always look forward to the next one. Just recently I have been lucky enough to have been chosen to be on the blog tour and review them, I feel this is a real privilege.

Lesley’s books just get better and better. Her characters are always real and relatable and you find yourself getting wrapped up in the story from the first page. I thought this one was a little different this time though, it felt that it was bordering into crime thriller territory. I love crime thrillers ! It just shows how versatile the author is.

Anyway, back to the story, it had me gripped from the first page, I thought that Amelia really had a bad deal of it but the weathered the storm. It was set in a great era, the 70’s which is when I was born (1970) There was plenty of twists and turns and ups and downs, to keep you on the edge of your seat. I thought I’d got it sussed out a couple of times but then something else happened and I was wrong !!! Just the sort of story I love, one that keeps me guessing !!

With a brilliant ending, this book earns a 10/10 ( 5 stars ) from me.

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Published on 25/06/20 by Penguin (Michael Joseph)

The biggest Thank you Megan Denholm at ed public relations for the review copy of the book in return for an honest review.


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