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Back of the book :

No-one knows you better than your family.

They know the little things that make you smile. Your proudest achievements. Your darkest secrets.

Sure, you haven’t always been best friends.

But if it seemed as though someone was after you, that you might be in danger, then you’d be on each other’s side.

Right ?

No-one is more dangerous than the ones who know you best.


What I think : 

Beth, Eddie and Portia are all siblings. They’re not particularly close, in fact they really don’t see each other at all. But then their Grandfather dies, and they all have to get together for the will reading. The will is a bit of a surprise to the siblings as it has quite an unusual request. The will states that they all must go on a road trip across America together, just like the one that they did with their Grandfather years ago when they were all a lot younger, then they must scatter grandads ashes at journeys end. The will also states that :

Anyone who ends up in jail, who does not complete the trip or deviates from the original trip in any way will get nothing” 

It’s quite a large inheritance so everyone is eager to comply with the rules. The only thing they do that isn’t mentioned in the the will is that Eddie brings his wife Krista and Beth bring her husband Felix.

So all they have to do is go on the road trip, going to the exact same places that they did with their Grandfather and then scatter his ashes. come home and collect the money.

Sounds easy, right ?


These siblings just don’t get on, they have never got on, they each have secrets they want to keep, no matter what …

Then odd things begin to happen, they get run off the road by a black pickup truck. The brand new tyre they have fitted after the accident is flat the next morning when they come out after breakfast, and another morning the starter motor has vanished from the engine.

When was the last time they saw Grandads ashes ? Because they seem to have vanished.

Why are they being followed across three states by the black pickup truck that ran them off the road days ago ? Suddenly everybody starts to see it everywhere they go …

Will anyone live to claim the inheritance …. ?

This story is narrated by Beth, The chapters are a count down to the end of the trip, starting with the first day of travel (Day 13) there is also pages from a journal (maybe Beths ?) that tell the story about what happened on the original trip.

It was very interesting to see the siblings relationships play out and how they reacted to the things that are happening. I was also very intrigued to find out what had exactly happened on that first trip !

I found this book a little tense and claustrophobic in places, but I was gripped from the first page. It was certainly very dark in places and there was moments when I actually did gasp out loud about what I’d just read !

Lots of secrets get revealed along the way, and of course there are plenty of twists and turns to keep you right on the edge of your seat. And OMG !! that ending !! I really wasn’t expecting that, it really turned the story right on its head !!

I really enjoyed this book and give it a really well-earned 9/10. (5 Stars)

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Published on 30/04/2020 by Penguin (Michael Joseph)

As always the biggest Thank you to Sriya Varadharajan at Penguin for the review copy of the book in return for a honest review.



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