Strangers – C.L.Taylor *Blog Tour*

Back of the book :

Ursula, Gareth and Alice have never met before.

Ursula thinks she killed the love of her life.
Gareth’s been receiving strange postcards.
And Alice is being stalked.

None of them are used to relying on others – but when the three strangers’ lives unexpectedly collide, there’s only one thing for it: they have to stick together. Otherwise, one of them will die.

Three strangers, two secrets, one terrifying evening.

What I think :

Three Strangers ….

Ursula, Gareth and Alice have never met, but they’re about to …

Gareth is a security Guard at The Meads shopping centre. He sees Alice every morning and every evening opening and closing the shop where she works. They’ve never spoken. At home Gareth’s mum Joan has dementia, she sits in her chair all day watching the TV and reminiscing about her husband (Gareth’s dad) only trouble is that he disappeared twenty years ago, presumed dead. So when Gareth starts getting postcards from his dad he wonders what on earth is going on. Could his dad still be alive ?

Alice is the manager at Mirage Fashions in The Meads shopping centre. She loves her job. It’s a shame she can’t say the same about her love life, her husband ran off with a younger woman so she’s trying her luck with on-line dating. The latest date she has doesn’t go to plan, she ends up getting physically attacked by her date and saved by the lovely Simon. But, is Simon who he says he is ? And then Alice starts getting odd Facebook messages, has she got a stalker ?

Ursula has a problem, a theft problem. She steals things from Mirage Fashions in The Meads Shopping Centre. Alice and her colleague Lynne are aware of her but haven’t yet been able to catch her. This problem has also led her to being evicted from the flat she was living in for stealing her housemates belongings. She managed to find a room in a house with the very strange Edward. Ursula has to follow a long list of rules and is, under no circumstances allowed to go in the basement. What is Edward up to ?

Whilst all this is going on three men have gone missing on nights out, down by the harbour area. The newspapers think that there is a ‘Harbourside Murder’ at large or is there another reason why these men haven’t been since since ?

Then one night, Gareth, Ursula and Alice are brought together in a dramatic and terrifying way, it’ll be a night they’ll never forget ….

WOW !! What a read !

You know you’re on to a winner when the opening chapter starts with one of the main characters standing over a dead body, and the last sentence of that chapter is “We say it was self defence” I couldn’t put it down !!

I always get very excited when I hear that Cally has a new novel being published. Then I cross everything, hoping and praying that I will get an invite for the blog tour. (I also do a happy dance when I get that invite !)

I love Cally’s books and this one is brilliant, her best yet I think.

I loved the way that each character has their own chapters, going about their everyday lives with all the ups and down that that entails and then suddenly their stories collide so brilliantly and shockingly that it knocks your socks off. There are so many twists and turns that you have to read it in one sitting.

Again Cally has written a brilliantly absorbing thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I also need to mention that I wasn’t expecting that last chapter, it was excellent, what a twist !!

I really can’t praise this book enough and give it a very well earned 10/10 (5 stars)

Published on 02/04/2020 by Avon Books (Harper Collins)

The biggest Thank you, as always to the lovely Sanjana Cunniah from Avon Books for the review copy of the book in return for a honest review.

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