Keeper – Jessica Moor – Blog Tour.

Back of the book :

He’s been looking in the windows again. Messing with cameras. Leaving notes.
Supposed to be a refuge. But death got inside.

When Katie Straw’s body is pulled from the waters of the local suicide spot, the police decide it’s an open-and-shut case. A standard-issue female suicide. 

But the residents of Widringham women’s refuge where Katie worked don’t agree. They say it’s murder.

What I think :

Katie Straw’s body is recovered from the river. She’d apparently jumped off the bridge into the river.

Was it a suicide ? Was it murder ?

Katie had been in a abusive relationship with Jamie. Jamie used to be so lovely and romantic but then he wasn’t. When they met in a bar he had walked her home and was so nice to her, he made her feel safe. But then slowly but surely in small ways he started to undermine her and made her doubt herself. It wasn’t long before he took over her life, until all she knew was terror and being scared was the only thing she felt, he controlled her …

Katie’s ‘suicide’ is D.S Whitworth’s case. He’s very no nonsense and old school, he thinks that this is a cut and dried case, that it’s a very sad suicide. D.C.Brookes, D.S Whitworth’s Sergeant, who is much more in touch with his feminine side and is charm it’s self, on the other hand, thinks that there is a lot more to Katie’s death and wants to investigate.

Did something more sinister happen ?

Do the women at the women’s refuge where Katie worked, know more than they’re letting on ? And why can the police find no trace of Katie in any official channel ? It’s like she had never existed.

Just what did happen to Katie on that bridge that day ?

Told over two timelines, Before is Katie’s story with Jamie and Now is the investigation into Katie’s death.

This book can at times be quite harrowing and upsetting, most of the characters in this book in some form or another have been affected by domestic violence.

The above mentioned characters are brilliantly formed as the author takes us into the dark terrible, terrifying world of abused women and what they endure on a daily basis. And sometimes what they have to do to escape that.

Sadly in today’s world this sort of thing is all too common and with so many cutbacks there is sadly not the help that is needed. This book will stay with me for quite a while as it’s subject matter is quite upsetting and thought provoking.

This is a really well written book that is a difficult read but yet very difficult to put down.

I give this brilliant read 9/10.

Published by Viking books (Penguin) on 19/03/2020

The biggest Thank you to Ellie Hudson from Penguin Books for the review copy of the book in return for a honest review

Will you listen to them?

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