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Then She Vanishes – Claire Douglas – Blog Tour.

claire douglas


Back of the book :

Everything changed the night Flora Powell disappeared.

Heather and Jess were best friends – until the night Heather’s sister vanished.

Jess has never forgiven herself for the lie she told that night. Nor has Heather.

But now Heather is accused of an awful crime.

And Jess is forced to return to the sleepy seaside town where they grew up, to ask the question she’s avoided for so long:

What really happened the night Flora disappeared ?


What I think : 

Jessica and Heather were best friends at school, they had one perfect summer. They both lived in the seaside town of Tilby in somerset. They had the best of times until something happened and they never really spoke again. That was eighteen years ago.

Jessica is now a reporter in a nearby town, she doesn’t get back to her home town much. However, she’s been asked to report on a double murder and an attempted suicide. It’s then she realises that it’s her friend from years ago. Heather. It turns out that Heather has shot two people in cold blood, then returned to the caravan park that her family owns and tried to kill herself. She is still alive though, but unconscious, so Jessica can’t ask any questions.

But just what has driven Heather to do this awful thing ?

Maybe it has something to do with the disappearance of Flora, Heather’s older sister …?

She went missing that summer that the girls were best friends. Jessica knows something about what happened then but she promised she’d NEVER tell …

So now Jessica feels compelled to investigate this crime. But in doing so will she have to tell … ?

Another fab book from this brilliant author of suspense.

I really like how her books are always fast-paced with plenty going on. It really kept me on the edge of my seat wanting more, there’s plenty of twists and turns and I also liked the way that each chapter was dedicated to the different characters so you could really get into their minds and find out what was really happening. We also get to go back to when Flora, Heather’s older sister went missing and find out what actually happened.

And OMG ! what a brilliant ending !!

I give this brilliant thriller 9/10 (five stars)

5 gold stars

Published By Penguin (Random House) : ebook 27/06/19 and Paperback 08/08/19.

A huge thank you to Sriya Varadharajan at Penguin for the review copy of the book in return for a honest review.

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