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Envy – Amanda Robson ~ Blog Tour.

Back of the book :

She wants your life – and she’ll do anything to get it…

Erica has always wanted to be exactly like her neighbour, Faye: beautiful, thin, and a mother. But Faye’s life isn’t as perfect as it seems – she has a terrible secret, and slowly but surely, it is threatening to destroy her and everything she holds dear.

When Faye’s daughter Tamsin goes missing after school, the police turn to Erica. But is Erica the only one who has been enviously watching Faye? Or is there another threat hiding in the shadows…?

What I think :

Erica watches Faye.


Faye walks past Erica’s flat most days to take her daughter to school. Erica wants to be Faye, she wants to be a mother to her children and a wife to her husband. But most of all Erica wants to be beautiful.

Erica wants Faye’s life …

Faye’s life isn’t that easy though, she has to work at everything she does. She has to go to exercise classes to stay fit and slim to maintain her ‘perfect’ body. So she can hopefully get the next modelling job. Being a mother wears her out and finds it a relief when her eldest child is at school.

Erica lives in a mouldy flat that has no heating, she hasn’t got a permanent job and she looks after her friend mouse. Mouse lives in the upstairs flat and has a few issues of his own. Erica is also over weight.

When the worst happens and Faye’s eldest daughter Tamsin goes missing, does Erica have anything to do with it … ?

Or maybe, does it have something to do with the terrible secret that Faye has been keeping … ?

I loved this authors two other novels ‘Obsession’ and ‘Guilt’ so when I was asked to be on the Envy blog tour I jumped at the chance.

After my initial tussle with the writing style, (one that I always have with this author) I settled down to enjoy this dark and sometimes unsettling thriller.

Each chapter belongs to each character, so you know what’s going on in each characters minds and from their perspective. I did feel quite sorry for Erica at times and also for Faye as they’ve both got their own problems and issues to deal with.

I must admit I didn’t guess the outcome of this one, it was completely unexpected.

I really liked this obsessive, stalkerish, twisty dark tale and give it a well-earned 9/10.

Published on 04/04/19 by Avon Books.

As always a huge thank you to the lovely Sabah Khan for the review copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Here for your reading pleasure is a small extract from the book ….

Extract :

I watch you walk past, faster than usual because of the sudden heavy rain, which has really caught you out. You are not even wearing a raincoat. Your normally bouffant hair is wet and flat. Why don’t you wear a hat, just in case? Are you too cool for that, Faye?

After you have gone, the cold of my flat begins to sink into my bones and I find myself shivering. I have been living here for two years, surrounded by fingers of mould, which creep up the tile grouting and form a black mist on the walls. The central heating doesn’t work. I have tried contacting the landlord, but he never replies. Sometimes I use a fan heater, but it doesn’t really help. It just circulates overheated air making me feel so claustrophobic that after about twenty minutes I turn it off. So most of the time in winter I walk around my flat wrapped in a scratchy old blanket. Mouse says I look like a tramp in it, so I try not to wear it when he is around. Not that he comes here very often. His flat is so much more comfortable than mine; I usually visit him there.

I sit, feeling empty inside. Coping with each day has, for many years, been a struggle. A plethora of temporary jobs. No focus. But it’s become easier in the last six months. Since I started to follow you. Since I started spending time with Mouse. It’s raining today, so I cannot follow you. When it rains I need to check on Mouse.