The Newcomer – Fern Britton ~ Blog Tour

Back of the book :

She arrived in the village on the spring tide and hoped to be at the heart of it, knowing its secrets and weathering its storms.

It was to be a new beginning

It’s springtime in the Cornish village of Pendruggan and as the community comes together to say a fond farewell to parish vicar, Simon, and his wife, Penny, a newcomer causes quite a stir

Reverand Angela Whitehorn came to Cornwall to make a difference. With her husband, Robert, by her side, she sets about making changes but it seems not everyone is happy for her to shake things up in the small parish, and soon Angela starts to receive anonymous poison pen letters.

Angela has always been one to fight back, and she has already brought a fresh wind into the village, supporting her female parishioners through good times and bad. But as the letters get increasingly more personal, Angela learns that the secrets are closer to home.

With faith and friends by your side, even the most unlikely of new beginnings is possible.

What I think :

When Vicar Simon and his lovely wife Penny and daughter Jenna, move to Brazil for a year for Simon’s work, a new vicar is needed to fill in. Enter Angela and her husband Robert, who is a political correspondent for a newspaper (with the occasional tv appearance mixed in) in London and their daughter Faith. Along with them comes Mr Worthington the dog and Angela’s Aunt Mamie, Who in a class all of her own ! (in a nice way of course !)

Things seem to be going ok, and they’re settling in. Robert is loving being a house-husband, Faith is making friends, with boys at school and Mamie has struck up a friendship with the owner of the post office cum corner shop and they’ve even been known to sneak off to smoke a secret spliff. (to cure their aching joints of course !) Angela has been to a couple of meetings with the parish council and there’s even talk of a village project. Everything is going great, just the new start they needed after the untimely death of Angela’s mum.

But then the letters start coming and something awful happens ….

All of the wonderful characters are back for a third outing in the brilliant Pendruggan saga. There’s Queenie from the post office, lovely Helen and the mean and moody Piran. Not forgetting village busybody Audrey and her poor long suffering husband Geoffrey. It’s like meeting up with old friends after a while away.

This lovely book is just what you need after a bad day or a long day at work. It’s like a big warm hug on a rainy day.

I always love fern’s books and really look forward to them. This one is fabulous and highly recommend it.

I give it a well-earned 10/10.

Published by Harper Collins on 07/03/19

A huge thank you to Rebecca Bryant from Harper Collins for the review copy of the book in return for a honest review.

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