The Guilty Party – Mel McGrath

Back of the book :

On a night out, four friends lose each other in a crowd – and separately, they witness a stranger in trouble.

One by one, they each decide to do nothing to help.

Later, a body washes up on the banks of the Thames – and the group knows that ignoring the woman has left blood on their hands.

But why did each of them refuse to step in ?

Why did none of them want to be noticed that night ?

Who is really responsible ?

And is it possible that the victim was not really a stranger at all … ?

What I think :

Cassie, Anna, Bo and Dex have all been close friends for years. They had all been on a night out together at a music festival in wapping, London. It’s the early hours of the morning. It is Cassie’s birthday and she doesn’t want the night to end yet.

They stop to buy one last drink at the off-licence and plan to take it down the river. It’s been decided that the girls will meet the boys outside the shop but when they get there the boys are no where to be seen. The girls wander off down to the river anyway in the hope they’ll spot the boys on the way. They have one last drink together. As they head off home they hear something odd, it’s sounds like someone or something has fallen into the water. I mean, it’s the early hours of the morning, who on earth would be by the river at this time of night ? Suddenly out of nowhere a gang of angry sounding and angry looking people are all around them. The girls are very scared and leave straight away without doing anything. The four friends soon discover that a woman was brutally attacked that night and a body has washed up.

What happened that night and why … ?

What do the friends have to hide …?

This is a story about secrets, and a few lies and a whole lot more.

It’s very dark and psychologically twisted. It centres on four friends, who in earlier years went out as two couples. They have been friends for years and are very close. They keep a lot of secrets for each other and justify the secret keeping because of that close friendship.

I’m not really sure if I really liked any of the characters as they all seemed over entitled and very selfish.

The writing style was quite hard to get used to but I managed to in the end.

I quite liked this dark thriller and give it 8/10

Published by HQ on 07/03/19.

A huge thank you to Joe Thomas at HQ for the review copy of the book in return for an honest review.

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