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Whistle in the Dark – Emma Healey ~Blog Tour.

Back of the Book :

When Lana goes missing for four days for four desperate days and returns refusing to speak of what happened, Jen fears the very worst. She thinks she’s failed as a mother, that her daughter is beyond reach and that she must do something – anything – to bring her back.

The family return to London where everyone but Jen seems happy to carry on as normal. Jen’s husband Hugh thinks her obsession is getting out of hand – and their eldest daughter, Meg, is tired of Lana getting all the attention. But Jen knows Lana has changed, and can’t understand why.

Does the answer lie in those four missing days ?

And how can Jen find out ?

What I think :

Jen’s daughter Lana has gone missing. They were on a mother – daughter painting holiday together, and one morning Lana was just, gone …..

She thankfully returns after four awful days, but Lana won’t speak. She just says that she can’t remember.

Meanwhile back at home, big sister Meg has got some news of her own…. She is also slightly peeved that Lana always seems to get all the attention.

As the family returns home to London, things seem to get back to normal but Jen can’t get past Lana’s disappearance, she really needs to know what happened those four days that she was away ….

When I was asked to join the blog tour for this book I must admit I wasn’t sure, I had enjoyed the authors other book but I hadn’t, if I’m honest, loved it. But this book was really good and yes, I would go as far as saying I really did quite love it !

It did take me a while to get into my stride with it and I did find the short chapters with the really weird headings quite annoying at first but as I continued with it I was really pleasantly surprised.

This is a lovely story of how a family deals with the really bad things that sometimes can happen to you and how that family pulls together in these times of need.

I really liked liked the character of Jen, I think we can all identify with her and what it’s like to be a wife and mother.

Yes, all in all I think that this is a fab story about life and all that it can throw at you with a little bit of dark humour mixed in for good measure.

I give this story a well-earned 8/10.

Published by Penguin on 10/01/19.

A huge Thank you to Georgia Taylor at penguin for the review copy of the book.