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The Promise – Katerina Diamond ~Blog Tour.

The Promise

Back of the book :

No one can protect you from your past…

When a young woman is found strangled in her own bedroom, DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles are plunged into an investigation to find a twisted serial killer who likes to date his victims before he kills them.

Determined to stop the horrific deaths, Imogen is forced to act as bait – but will she get caught in her own trap? As the search for the killer ramps up, attention falls on the strange new boy in town. Why does he watch his neighbours through the windows? And could the truth be closer to home than any of them realise?

What I think : 

Firstly,  can we just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful cover of this book …

Ok then, that done, Imogen and Adrian are back again.

What a corker of a book !

This is a fabulous story with such fabulous characters. It’s the type of book that from the minute you pick it up it drags you in right from the first word to the last.

This one has three storylines running.

We meet Connor who has moved from America to Exeter after some big trouble at his last school – He was involved in a shooting. All he wants to do is make a new start and settle in and just be ‘one of the guys’ but, sadly that isn’t going to be the case, because the kids at his new school have other ideas for him. It’s a good job he has someone to help in the shape of his uncle Joel. We also have Adrian and Imogen investigating a series of murders, the killer is dating his victims before murdering them. Also in amongst all of this we have some diary entries from someone called Victoria, just who she ? How does she fit into the story ?

All in all this is an excellent thriller with loads of twists and turns. If you buy only one thriller this autumn, this is the one you really need to go out and buy. I really enjoyed it, I have read all of Katerina’s other novel’s and I think that this one may be her best yet 🙂

I give this brilliant book a very well-earned 9/10.

5 gold stars

Published on 20/09/18 by Avon books.

A huge Thank you to Sabah Khan at Avon Books for the review copy of the book and the gorgeous necklace.

Here for your reading pleasure is an extract from the book.

Extract : 

Erica’s heart fluttered as she saw him in the corner, sipping his wine and looking at his phone. She thought how strange it was that they were only just meeting and yet they had already seen each other naked. As though sensing her arrival, he looked up, and the biggest grin spread across his face. Relieved to see that he wasn’t disappointed, Erica walked over. He stood up and held his hand out to shake hers. She placed her hand in his, all the while looking at his knuckles, his fingers, his skin tone. She was trying to commit this moment to memory because she knew it was important. This was the beginning of the rest of her life.

‘Warren?’ she said, knowing the answer. The smile on her face was beginning to ache. This already felt too good to be true. He leaned across and kissed her on the cheek. He smelled of expensive aftershave, something understated and slightly feminine, with a little spice to it.

‘It’s good to finally meet you, Erica,’ he said shyly.

‘How is your hotel?’ she asked but regretted it instantly, hoping he wouldn’t think she was alluding to anything.

‘Pretty basic, the bed is quite lumpy and hard. I probably should have forked out for something a little less franchise-y.’

‘Lesson learned for next time, eh?’ She smiled again.

He was even better looking in the flesh. His blond surfer hair hung to his shoulders; he looked like something from Sons of Anarchy or a nineties Seattle rock band. His skin was weather-beaten but still somehow perfect. Everything about him was perfect.

Why was he looking online for a girlfriend?

Why was he interested in her?

She could barely understand it but what the hell, this was happening and she was going to enjoy it. As they both sat down, the waiter came over and took their order. The conversation flowed with such ease that Erica had to warn herself to calm down. Nothing worked out for her, certainly not men, certainly no one as handsome as Warren. She could hear her sister’s voice in her head, telling her to be careful, not to fall too fast – something she had told her a million times. Now that Erica was sitting here face-to-face with Warren, her sister’s words were the furthest things from her mind.

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Perfect Silence – Helen Fields ~ Blog Tour.

Perfect Silence book cover

Back of the book :

When silence falls, who will hear their cries?

The body of a young girl is found dumped on the roadside on the outskirts of Edinburgh. When pathologists examine the remains, they make a gruesome discovery: the silhouette of a doll carved in the victim’s skin.

DCI Ava Turner and DI Luc Callanach are struggling to find leads in the case, until a doll made of skin is found nestled beside an abandoned baby.

After another young woman is found butchered, Luc and Ava realise the babydoll killer is playing a horrifying game. And it’s only a matter of time before he strikes again. Can they stop another victim from being silenced forever – or is it already too late?

What I think : 

Zoey is dying ….

She has been Murdered, these are her final minutes in this world.

She has been butchered and tortured then dumped on the roadside in the middle of nowhere in the wilds of rural Scotland.

Her body is found a few hours later by a farmer checking his fields before he starts work for the day. What the pathologist finds is grizzly. A perfect outline of a person has been cut into Zoey’s stomach and on her back. Then on both, the skin has been peeled away, with the killer taking the skin with them.

At the same time in the city, a homeless person, high on drugs is slashed in the face leaving a perfect Z shape. Then later that same afternoon another girl goes missing, this time her young baby is left behind unharmed. Inside the babies pram is a little doll made from human skin … Zoey’s skin …

Can DCI Ava Turner and DC Luc Callanach save the girl ? Are the two cases connected ?

Ava and Luc are back for the fourth helping in the series.

All the old gang are with them, my favourites being DS Lively and his cheekiness and DC Salter and not forgetting the very grumpy but fair Superintendent Overbeck.  We are also treated to a new character DS Pax Graham, who makes a bit of an entrance !

There are plenty of twists and turns in this excellent thriller, Luc as always is struggling with is past and personal life. I don’t think he’ll ever be at peace and Ava is getting into her stride as the boss.

This is a gruesome as the other three books, but as ever a really fabulous read.

I always look forward to Helen’s books and can’t wait until number 5 !

I give this marvellous thriller a well deserved 9/10.

5 gold stars

Published by Avon on 23/08/18.

A huge Thank you to Sabah Khan at Avon for the review copy of the book.

Here for your reading pleasure is an extract from the book.

Extract : 

Zoey had lain for days on a cold, hard table in low light. The cruel joke was that she had been kept fed and watered, relatively unharmed until the end. The sickness was that she had allowed herself to believe she might survive. Years of watching horror movies, of smugly knowing which victim would die and which would live, and still she had fallen into the age-old trap. She had allowed herself to believe what she was told in order to get through the next second, the next minute, the next hour without terror consuming her.

Zoey had a new perspective on fear. There was plenty she could teach the other women at the domestic abuse centre now, not that she would ever get the chance. A bolt of pain shot from her spine through to her stomach, as if her body had been pierced by a spear. The scream she let out sounded more animal than human as it bounced off the asphalt and echoed down the country road. No one was coming. With that thought came a new clarity. She hadn’t been dumped at the roadside in the middle of the night to give her a chance for survival. This was her final punishment. It was her grand humbling.

Her decision wasn’t hard to make.

Zoey put her face to the pillow of road and allowed one leg after the other to slide downwards until she was laid out flat. With the last of her strength she pushed herself onto her side, rolling further into the road, then gravity completed the manoeuvre onto her back, away from the trees at the verge. It didn’t hurt. The good news – and the bad news, she supposed – was that all the pain had gone. All sense that her body had been torn in two had dissolved into the cool October air. If there was nothing else left, she could stare at the moon one last time. Complete dark. She wasn’t within the boundaries of the city, then. No light spilled to dampen the shine of the stars. Scotland’s skies were like nothing else on earth. Zoey might not have travelled much, but she never underestimated the blinding beauty of her homeland, never tired of the landscapes and architecture that had birthed endless folklore and song.

Perfect Silence Blog Tour

You Let Me In – Lucy Clarke.

lucy clarke

Back of the book : 

Nothing has felt right since Elle rented out her house . . .


There’s a new coldness. A shift in the atmosphere. The prickling feeling that someone is watching her every move from the shadows.


Maybe it’s all in Elle’s mind? She’s a writer – her imagination, after all, is her strength. And yet every threat seems personal. As if someone has discovered the secrets that keep her awake at night.


As fear and paranoia close in, Elle’s own home becomes a prison. Someone is unlocking her past – and she’s given them the key…

What I think :

Elle is a newly published writer, her book was an overnight sensation, she has been published in many countries. She Is now writing her second novel and finding it hard. She and her husband Flynn are getting divorced and she has just moved into the newly refurbished Fishermans cottage on the top of the cliffs over looking the Cornish coast.

She is having trouble making ends meet until the next part of her advance arrives, so she decides to put her house on AirBNB, the rental service, as she has to go abroad for a couple of weeks. A family rent it from her and her sister Fiona helps out with the arrangements. The rental goes as planned.

However, when she returns from her trip, something in the house doesn’t seem quite right, she’s started seeing things and she sometimes feels like she’s not quite alone.

Also her neighbours son, the same neighbours who weren’t very pleased about her refurbishments to the house and have since stopped speaking to her, has started hanging around. It seems everywhere she goes he’s there.

Soon the house that she loved so much, seems a bit sinister. She’s started finding excuses not to spend time there on her own. Her lovely clifftop house is creepy.

Is it all in her head or is someone trying to harm her …?

Wow! I read this book in one big sitting ! Its excellent !

Loads of twists and turns that grab you and pull you in, I was gripped from the Start. Its quite eerie and claustrophobic in places.  A fabulous ending with a brilliant twist, one that I would have never guessed in a million years. I have read all of Lucy’s other novels and loved them all but I think that this is her best one yet !

I give this novel a really well-earned 10/10 !

5 gold stars

Published by Harper Collins on 06/09/18.

I got my copy from Waterstones for £9.99