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The Guilty Wife – Elle Croft ~ Blog Tour.

the guilty wife

Back of the book : 

I’m guilty of many things.

Bethany Reston is happily married. But she’s also having an affair with a famous client.

And no one can ever know.

But I’m innocent of murder.

When Bethany’s lover is brutally murdered, she has to hide her grief from everyone.

But someone knows her secret. And then one day the threats begin.

With an ever-growing pile of evidence pointing to her as the murderer, the only way she can protect her secrets is to prove her innocence. And that means tracking down a killer.

What I think : 

Bethany is married to Jason. They’ve been together since Uni, She still loves her husband but she’s having an affair. Calum is famous, a Billionaire. Calum is also married, but he has an open marriage. Claire his wife has affairs of her own.

Bethany met Calum when she was commissioned to take a series of photos for an upcoming book about him. They started spending a lot of time together and, as these things often happen, they started an affair.

Nobody must know ….

The only thing that links them together is a memory card of intimate photos taken of them together as a gift to Calum from Bethany for his birthday. Calum hid the memory card only the two of them know of its existence.

Will it stay hidden forever … ?

Then Calum is found murdered, he was stabbed and found laying just outside the entrance to the tube station.

Bethany is innocent.

Will the police believe her … ?

Its very hard to believe that this is a debut novel, it really is up there with some of the best crime novels that I’ve read lately. There is plenty of red herrings thrown in to to keep you guessing, and a few OH MY GOD moments too ! Real edge of the seat stuff ! and the twist, when it comes is fabulous.

I dont want to say too much as I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but this book really does make you sit up and think that what happened to Bethany could actually happen to you !


Excellently crafted characters that you can get your teeth into. I really liked the shorter chapters that kept your attention.

I will definitely be recommending this book to all my fellow readers.

9/10 for this debut novel (5 Stars )

5 gold stars

Published by Orion Publishing on ebook on 01/12/17 and in paperback on 25/01/17.

A huge Thank you to Lauren Woosey At Orion for the review copy of the book.

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