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The Bad Mother – Amanda Brooke.

The Bad Mother

Back of the book :

Thats what he wants you to think …

A good mother doesn’t forget things.

A good mother isn’t a danger to herself.

A good mother isn’t a danger to her baby.

You want be the good mother you dreamed you could be.

But you’re not. You’re the bad mother you were destined to become.

At least, thats what he wants you to believe …

What I think : 

Lucy is married to Adam, they are expecting their first child in a few months. They had whirl-wind romance and have only been married for about a year.

Lucy has started to forget things, and its beginning to worry her. She lost her keys and found them in the oddest place, she left the gas hob on, but can’t remember actually switching it on in the first place, and there is the conversation’s that she’s had with Adam, but can’t remember them either.

Adam was very patient with her to begin with, but has started getting a bit annoyed with her. He’s worried that she won’t be able to cope when the baby is born, he’s worried about her ‘past’

Lucy lost her dad when she was a small child, he committed suicide. Lucy is worried that he had something more wrong with him than just the depression her mum said he had.

Adam has his own “past’ problems too, he has a brother that lives in America that he hasn’t spoken to since he was a child, however his brother is back and wants to patch things up.

Can Adam cope with his brother returning and with Lucy too … ?

Is Lucy just a ‘hormonal baby brain’ fog or is this something a lot more sinister ….. ?

Ive always loved Amanda’s books, my favourite (and the first I read ) was ‘Yesterdays Sun’. It stuck in my mind for a long time after reading it and I think that this one probably will too, The subject of this book could quite easily happen to anyone. After finishing this one, I actually went onto the internet to look it up and realised how common it is.

At the start of the book Lucy was quite a likeable character, a young wife, expecting her first child and wanting to do everything right. But later into the book she seems to just give in and let things happen, not being able to breathe without the permission of her husband. Adam on the other hand,  I found him really spoilt and arrogant, thinking he knew best at all times.

The book is really well written, it explains why Lucy and Adam, to a certain extent are like they are as it covers their backgrounds throughout the book.

I did think this book was quite dark and sinister in places, and I also found some of it quite difficult reading matter too. However, I did find it quite predictable and I did guess quite early on as to what was happening. Having said that though, I did really like this book, it held my attention and I read it in only a couple of days.

I give this book 8/10 ( 5 stars )

5 gold stars

Published by Harper Collins on ebook on 14/12/17 and paperback on 22/02/18.

A really big Thank you to Jaime Frost at Harper Collins and to Netgalley for the review copy of the book.

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