The Roanoke Girls – Amy Engel.

Hello lovely book people …

I just wanted to do a quick review of this novel that I’ve just read …

I’d heard loads about it, I think its even on the Richard and Judy book list, so I was quite eager to buy it. However, with all things that have been hyped, I found it falling slightly short.

Anyway here’s my thoughts in this short review …


the roanoke girls

Back of the book: 

Beautiful, rich, mysterious …

The Roanoke Girls seem to have it all.

But there’s a dark truth about them that’s never been spoken.

Every Girl either runs away, or dies.

Lane is one of the lucky ones. When she was fifteen, over one long , hot summer at her grandparents’ estate in rural Kanas, she found out what it really means to be a Roanoke Girl.

Lane ran, far and fast

Until ten years later, when her Cousin Allegra goes missing – Lane has no choice but to go back.

She is a Roanoke Girl.

Is she strong enough to escape a second time ?


What I think : 

This is one odd book ! Like I said at the start of this review I’d heard a lot of different things about this book, mostly of how screwed up it is. However in my opinion, I don’t think it quite warrants this sort of description. Yes, admittedly there are some very questionable things that happen in this book, which to my mind are pretty sick, but in this day and age I really didn’t think think that it was quite that bad.

I went into reading this book with a open mind, but, as I started reading I pretty much guessed what was going to be the underlying topic of the book. I won’t say anything as I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t read it. However, I think like me, you can guess whats going to happen. Having said all that, I quite enjoyed the book, it is one of those that once you start reading you can’t put it down until you get to the end and find out whats going to happen. It also has a great twist, which I didn’t guess.

I give this questionable book 8/10.

Published on 10/08/17 by Hodder.

I purchased my copy from Amazon for £7.99.

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