The Friend – Dorothy Koomson.



Back of the book : 

After her husbands big promotion, Cece Solarin arrives in Brighton with their three children, ready to start afresh. But their new neighbourhood has a deadly secret.

Three weeks earlier, Yvonne, a very popular parent, was almost murdered in the grounds of the local school – the same school where Cece has unwittingly enrolled her children.

Already anxious about making friends when the parents seem so cliquey, Cece is now also worried about her children’s safety. By chance she meets Maxie, Anaya, and Hazel, three very different school mothers who make her feel welcome and reassure her new life.

That is until Cece discovers the police believe one of her new friends tried to kill Yvonne. Reluctant to spy on her friends but determined to discover the truth, Cece must uncover the potential murderer before they strike again.


What I think : 

Cece has just arrived in Brighton from London. She is trying really hard to make things work. She doesn’t know anyone in Brighton so she’s feeling a bit isolated. Her husband, Sol, has already been there for three months and because they’ve been apart a while  they seem to have drifted apart. Cece is also worried that Sol may also, if he hasn’t already, be thinking about having an affair. When she meets Maxie on the beach and then through her, she meets Anaya and Hazel she thinks that things may finally be going to be Ok, she finally has some friends. But then, she hears about what happened to Yvonne, who was a very close friend to Maxie, Anaya and Hazel, She wonders if her new friends know more than they’re saying. Then to top it all she bumps into a face from her past who tells her a few things about the ladies and she knows she needs to find out what really happened that night to Yvonne ….

This is such a fabulous thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Dorothy’s books are always a real treat to read, her characters are always really well written and real.

The book is written over a few weeks from the points of view of all the characters, it also takes you back into their pasts as well, so you have a bit of background for all the characters.

Full of twists and turns, it makes you really sit back and think about what is going on. I loved this book because I really couldn’t work out ‘who-dun-it’ and I was really surprised in the end at the marvellous twist.

I give this wonderful novel a well earned  9/10  (5 stars)

5 gold stars

Published by Century (Penguin Random House) on 01/06/17.

A big Thank you to Emma Draude at Century for the review copy of the book.

Also, a big Thank you to Dorothy Koomson for the extra copy of the book to give to a Friend. (I haven’t decided who to give it yet, but when I do I’ll let you know) and the lovely note that accompanied it.

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