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You Said Forever – Susan Lewis.


you said forever


Back of the book : 

Charlotte Goodman is living the dream.

Surrounded by family, friends and a stunning vineyard overlooking the ocean, it would be difficult for anyone to believe that she has had a troubled past.

However, haunted by the theft of a young girl, Charlotte begins to realise the enormity of something she did many years ago, and soon finds herself having to make the most harrowing decision any woman could ever have to face …


What I think : 

Charlotte and Chloe moved to New Zealand five years ago, before that Charlotte was known as Alex Lake and Chloe was known as Ottilie. Charlotte was a social worker that snatched Chloe from her abusive father, who went on to kill Chloe’s mother. (He is currently serving a prison sentence for that crime) and they both fled to her mother, who lives in New Zealand, after a few lovely months together, the British police caught up with Charlotte and Chloe and brought them both home. Charlotte was tried for kidnap, however because of certain circumstances she got off and was able to adopt Chloe. They both returned to New Zealand and with the help of her family, started a new life together.

Whilst on trial for kidnap, Charlotte met Anthony, a top notch lawyer who went to court with her and helped her get off the charges. They started a relationship and ended up getting married. When Charlotte returned to New Zealand Anthony went with her and fulfilled his dream of buying and running a vineyard.

Things went well to start with and Charlotte and Anthony had two more children, Cooper who is four and Elodie who is eighteen months. However, a couple of years on there’s trouble in her marriage, the vineyard has run into financial problems and Chloe has gone from a sweet child to a living nightmare.

Can Charlotte fix her marriage and sort Chloe out without seeking professional help or will she have to make some decision’s that she’ll regret forever …. ?

This is a follow up book from Susan’s previous books ‘No Child of Mine’ and ‘Don’t let me go’. I really love her books and was really excited to discover that Susan was publishing another book and it would be a ‘catch-up’ from Charlotte/Alex Lake. Her books are brilliant because she always writes about current and worthwhile topics, sometimes its hard to read but it always gets to the heart of the matter.

I really enjoyed this book, there are so many twists and turns, too many to mention really, that I really couldn’t put it down. Again the characters are superbly written, and so really believable.

All I can say is that this is another unmissable book from Susan, I give it a really well earned 10/10. 5 gold stars

Published by Century (Penguin, Random House) on 09/02/17.

I got my copy from WHSmith for £8.00.