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An Unsuitable Marriage – Colette Dartford -Blog Tour.

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Back of the book :

When the worst happens, could your marriage survive ? 

Olivia had everything – a loving husband in Geoffrey, a thoughtful and intelligent son in Edward, a beautiful home in the somerset country side.

But all that changed when Geoffrey’s factory went bust and many of their friends and neighbours lost their jobs. Now homeless and facing bankruptcy, Geoffrey moves in with his recently widowed mother, whilst Olivia is forced to work as a housekeeper at her son’s elite boarding school.

With their marriage under intolerable strain, Geoffrey makes a mistake that has devastating consequences for the guilty and innocent alike. Has he torn his family apart, or can he find a way to bring them back together ?


What I think : 

Olivia’s life has been better, she used to have a lovely, big house called Manor farm, in the country. But all that changed when her husbands factory went bust. She’s now working and living as a house parent at the very posh school that her son Edward goes to.(she doesn’t know how much longer he can continue at the school, she’s hoping he can get a scholarship)  Her husband Geoffrey has moved in with his mother, who recently lost her husband, Geoffrey’s father. This causes a problem when Olivia comes home for the school holidays as she doesn’t get on with Rowena, her mother-in-law. Her Marriage isn’t all that great either, ever since everything that happened. Her hubby has discovered a new hobby – porn ! Olivia doesn’t know about his little habit yet, however its only time until she does. Edward is having problems at school as well, Can Olivia cope with this brand new life that she seems to be living or has something got to give … ?

I really enjoyed Colette’s first book so I was really excited to receive a copy of her next book, however I did think that she took this book in a slightly different direction than the last one.

There are some quite well-written characters, I thought that Rowena, Geoffrey’s mother was slightly misunderstood, all she wanted was to fill the gap that the death of her husband has left, by looking after her only son. I really wasn’t too sure about Geoffrey, he seemed a bit wet and ineffectual. Sadly, that was still my opinion when I finished reading the book. Olivia on the other hand was a very strong character, hell, she needed to be after everything that was happening !

I liked this book in as much as it was a good story about life, families and relationships the good and the bad.  It did take a few turns that surprised me, and it did think it ended how it should have done.

It is a good second novel from this talented novelist, I give it a well earned 8/10 (four stars)


Published on 09/03/2017 by Zaffre (Midas Books)

A huge Thank you to Olivia Neilson from Midas Books for the review copy of the book in return for an honest review.



A londoner by birth, Colette Dartford went to university in Bath and made it her home.  A scholarship to undertake a doctorate led to a career in health and social research, before she moved to California’s Napa Valley. Here she studied Viticulture and Enology and wrote her debut novel.