One Last Wish – Ella Harper – Extract.



I have the greatest pleasure of being able to bring to you an extract of Ella Harper’s wonderful new novel ‘One Last Wish’ that’s being published by Canelo on 27/02/17.

So without further ado, here is the extract.

Extract :

Even if she hadn’t known that Emmie had recreated date three, she would have guessed that she meant London Zoo.

Rosie grabbed her handbag and checked herself in the mirror one last time. She wasn’t sure how she felt about going to London Zoo with Nate. Things didn’t

seem quite as tense between them as they had been, she supposed. Which was strange because obviously the movie night had been a total flop. Rosie still had no idea where Nate had gone that night or why he had taken off the way he had. All she knew was that he had deliberately chosen to stay away. But somehow things seemed to have shifted. Just a fraction and it was almost imperceptible, but Rosie had sensed it.

Was it because he hadn’t turned up? Because he had chosen not to connect with her over something romantic and intimate that Rosie knew would have helped click a few things back into place, perhaps. And she felt sad about it, sadder than she had felt before they had started this whole treasure hunt thing. Because beforehand, everything had been guesswork. Missing the film felt deliberate. Rosie didn’t know for sure, but it felt deliberate and that made her feel confused and hurt.

Why would Nate do that?

She headed downstairs. At least Emmie was in safe hands today. And if anything should happen, she was exactly where she needed to be, so Rosie knew she would feel more chilled out today. Lily was a fantastic carer, but in a worst case scenario, there was nowhere better than the hospital for Emmie.

‘You look lovely,’ Nate said as he watched her walk down the stairs. He meant it. Rosie looked amazing.

Quite like her old self. She had colour in her cheeks and she looked fairly relaxed. Maybe a little wary. But Nate understood that. Rosie always worried about Emmie when she was due to spend time away from her but aside from that, Rosie had no idea why he hadn’t turned up to watch the film with her the other week.

Nate wondered how to broach that subject. He wanted to tell Rosie what had happened, but he might have to own up to the whole gambling thing then as

well and he wasn’t sure Rosie deserved that. Or could handle it on top of everything else. And he wanted to mention that note she had left him. Nate’s hand closed around it. He had carried it in his pocket ever since.

‘So Emmie is with Dr Tom all day?’ he asked, as he gathered up his keys and wallet.

‘Yes. She has some big assessment, apparently.’

‘Wonder what that’s all about.’ Nate gestured to the door and they left the house together. ‘But I guess it means that she’s in the right place. I mean if…’

Rosie gave him a half-smile. ‘I know. I thought the same thing. Silly, isn’t it? She’s been fine for such a long time but still…’

‘Yes.’ Nate nodded. He didn’t need to say any more.

He and Rosie both understood this aspect of Emmie’s condition in a way that no one else could.




One Last Wish by Ella Harper is published by Canelo on 27th February (£1.99 February)


Buy link:

Author Twitter: @Ella_Harper

Publisher Twitter: @Canelo_Co

Hashtag: #OneLastWishBook




The unmissable new novel from the bestselling author of Pieces of You. For readers of Jojo Moyes and Amanda Prowse.


Rosie and Nate are facing the unimaginable. Their relationship is under strain with the devastating news their daughter Emmie has incurable brain cancer. They must do everything to support their child, but can they stop their marriage falling apart before it’s too late?

Unbeknown to her parents, Emmie is on a mission. Teaming up with her Aunt Lily, she is determined to make them see what brought them together in the first place – and make her parents fall in love all over again.



Ella Harper learned foreign languages, and imagined she might eventually get a glamorous job speaking French or Russian. After climbing her way up the banking ladder, Ella started idly mapping out the beginnings of a novel on an old laptop. When she realised her characters were more real to her than dividends and corporate actions ever could be, she left her job to become a writer.

For more information, please follow Ella on Twitter @Ella__Harper and on Facebook at /EllaHarperBooks.

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