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Back of the book :

1930, Rajputana, India.

Since her husband’s death, 28-year-old photojournalist Eliza’s only companion has been her camera. When the British Government send her to an Indian princely state to photograph the royal family, she’s determined to make a name for herself.

But when Eliza arrives at the palace she meets Jay, the Prince’s handsome, brooding brother. While Eliza awakens Jay to the poverty of his people, he awakens her to the injustices of British rule. Soon Jay and Eliza find they have more in common than they think. But their families – and society – think otherwise. Eventually they will have to make a choice between doing what’s expected, or following their hearts. . .


What I think : 

In Dec 1912, In India, Eliza and her mother Anna, witnessed the death of her father. He was in a state procession and someone threw a bomb and he was blown up. Thirteen years later, a widower herself, her husband was in a motor accident, she has managed to carve a career out for herself as a photojournalist. when a family friend, Clifford Salter, offers her a job to photograph the Indian royal family for a year, she jumps at the chance. Almost as soon as she gets there, she meets Prince Jayent, the younger brother of the current Prince apparent. She doesn’t really take to him to start with, but as they start spending time together they become friends. As Eliza’s time progresses in India she sees and hears things that shock and upset her. She also realises that there is a lot of poverty in that part of India. She goes to Jay for help, its then, that they realise that their friendship is turning into something forbidden ….

I’ve always had a soft spot for Dinah’s books, ever since I won a copy of ‘The Separation’ a couple of years ago. I always really look forward to Dinah’s next book coming out. So you can imagine how excited I was when I was asked to be on the Blog Tour for this book. I really think that this novel is Dinah’s best yet !

Dinah transported me back to 1930’s India with her wonderful descriptions of the places, sights and sounds. Her brilliantly written characters make me feel as if I was in the background watching it all unfold first hand. I could almost smell the pungent spices and the acrid smoke.

I really couldn’t and didn’t put this book down, I read it all in two sittings. I really do highly recommend this brilliant book and give it a really well-earned 10/10.


5 gold stars


Published by Viking (Penguin Books) on 23/02/17

A huge Thank you to Josie Murdoch and Penguin Books for the review copy of the book.





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