All About the Hype – Paige Toon.

Paige Toon - Jessie 3

Back of the book : 

A lot can change in a year ….

As the daughter of a global superstar and lead singer in one of the coolest new bands in LA, Jessie Jefferson’s life is pretty  interesting. Especially now she’s seeing her gorgeous, guitar-playing bandmate in secret …

But its not all gigs and glamour.  Even in a high school full of celebrities. Jessie’s finding the rock star lifestyle isn’t all its cracked up to be.

Is Jessie finally ready to be a Jefferson ? or is the spotlight proving too much for this wild child … ?


What I think : 

Jessie’s mum, Candy, died on her fifteenth birthday, a year ago. She was getting Jessie’s Birthday cake when a window pane fell straight onto her and killed her instantly. It had always been just Jessie and her mum since she was little. After she died, Jessie’s step-dad, Stu told her the truth about who her father is. It turned out to be none other than Johnny Jefferson – rock star !!! In the past year Jessie has been travelling back and forth from the UK to America. After spending quite a bit of time with her new family, Dad Johnny, Step-mum Meg and two gorgeous little half brothers Barney and Phoenix, she’s decided to make her move permanent and settle in America. She’s loving life in America to start with, she has new friends, best friend Agnes and even a secret boyfriend Jack. But as times goes on she begins to realise that maybe she might not be cut out for this life after all, is this the life she really wants … ?

Wow !! Another fab read from Paige. I always really look forward to Paige’s books and this one was brilliant, I was quite sad to finish this one, as it is the third and last in the Jessie/Johnny series, I’m really hoping that we haven’t seen the last of Jessie, Johnny and the others. I would be lovely to go back in a year or so to see what she’s up to.

I really loved all the familiar characters and all the new ones too, I actually read this book in an afternoon, I just couldn’t put it down. Reading one of Paige’s books is like stepping into another world, its almost like you are sat in Megs kitchen or at a really posh Hollywood party. her storytelling is first class, this one will definitely be on my ‘Books of 2106’ list.

I give this wonderful read a really well-earned 10/10 (5 stars)

5 gold stars

Published by Simon and Schuster on 28/07/16

I purchased my copy from Waterstones (£7.99)

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