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In too Deep -Samantha Hayes.

in too deep


Back of the book : 

Four months ago, Rick went out to buy a newspaper. He never came back. His wife Gina is struggling to deal with her loss, and her daughters mood swings are getting worse. Then she receives a phone call from a woman at a country hotel, confirming details of a booking Rick made before he vanished. Desperate to find out more about disappearance, Gina and her daughter take the trip. But there is something very strange about the hotel and the family who run it. Soon Gina is unsure that Rick even made the booking – but one thing is clear : both mother and daughter are in serious danger.


What I think :

Gina’s husband Rick is missing, he went out to buy a newspaper and never come home. They have an eighteen year old daughter, Hannah and also a ten year old son, Jacob who was sadly killed in a hit and run accident. Gina can’t understand what has happened to Rick, she’s living in a awful limbo. One afternoon four months after the disappearance, Gina gets a phone call from a lady at a country hotel. The woman explains that Gina’s husband Rick had made a booking for their up-coming wedding anniversary for five days at the hotel, and was wanting to know if they were going to be bringing their dog with them. Gina knows nothing of the booking, but decides to go and take Hannah with her on the hope that she can find something out about Ricks disappearance.  When they get to the hotel, odd things start to happen, Hannah’s not very happy and then when Hannah gets quite ill Gina wonders quite what she’s got Hannah and herself into.

There are loads of twists and turns in this book, its such a rollercoaster of a read. I did find the main character slightly annoying, with her constant “I miss Rick” and “I just want Rick”. I understand her husband has gone missing and that must be awful, but I find the constant references to it quite boring. However,  I was quite intrigued to discover what Hannah’s “Big” secret was though, and was quite pleased to discover that I’d guessed it right. The first half of the book is quite slow but its the second half of the book where all the action is, I really could put it down. The ending was quite a sting in the tail and turned everything round, but it made everything fall into place.

I really did like this book and would recommend it to a friend.

I give this book 8/10 (4 stars)

4 stars




Published by Century on 05/05/16.

A huge Thankyou to Netgalley and Century for the review copy of the book.

The Swimming Pool – Louise Candlish.

the swiming pool

Back of the book : 

I can’t take my eyes off the water, can you ? 

Its summer when Elm Hill lido opens, Having stood empty for years.

For Natalie Steele, wife, mother, teacher – it offers freedom from the tightly controlled routines of work and family. Especially when it leads to Lara Channing, a charismatic former actress with a lavish bohemian lifestyle, who seems all to happy to invite Natalie into her elite circle.

Soon Natalie is spending long days at the pool, socialising with new friends and basking in a popularity she didn’t know she’d been missing. Real life, and the person she used to be, begins to feel very far away.

But is such a change in fortunes too good to be true ? Why are dark memories of a summer long ago now threatening to surface ? And without realising , could Natalie have been swept dangerously out of her depth ?


What I think : 

Natalie is a Teacher at a well to-do Prep school, She’s married to Ed who is also a teacher at the local comp. They have a daughter together, Molly who is fourteen. They have a normal, boring life and are looking forward to the long summer holidays, so they can do normal family things together. However, when the local lido opens after being closed for many years it changes everything, Because this is where Natalie meets Lara. Lara is a celebrity, having been a competitive swimmer and a actress she is the one responsible for heading the campaign to open the old pool. Natalie is quite opposed to the new pool opening as her daughter, Molly has an awful, crippling fear of water and has had it since she was a toddler.

When Natalie meets Lara she is stunned that Lara would want to speak to her let alone want her for a friend. Over the summer they slowly become close friends. Lara even recommends a councillor for Molly to get help for her fear of water.

For Natalie though Lara’s carefree lifestyle is throwing up some unwanted memories of a summer long ago when she was a teenager and she wasn’t quite as well behaved as she should have been.

Is Lara everything she seems or is Lara playing Natalie and her family ? Could they be in danger ?

The story starts with a prologue, a woman is running naked down a busy main street in London. (I’m not sure at this point if its real or a dream) She is very scared and running from man. The story then jumps to the 31st of August 2015 and then back to ten weeks before that (21st June 2015) The Book has no real chapters as such, it flicks back and forth from the weeks running up to 31st of August, which was when Natalie met Lara, up to the 31st of August. Sometimes it also goes back to the “Summer of badness” when Natalie was a teenager.

For the first quarter of the book its mostly background for the main characters, but then after that the story begins in earnest. It really is an excellently written book, with many secrets and lies, which of course where always going to be exposed. I must admit that I didn’t guess the end, which is quite unusual for me. It was a complete shock when you do find out the end. But I really did love it.

A must read for the summer !

I give this expertly written tale 10/10. (5 stars)

A big thank you to Penguin and to Netgalley for the review copy of the book.

5 stars

Published by Penguin (Random House) on 05/05/16