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I have the wonderful pleasure of being chosen to be on the “The Way We Were’ Blog Tour.

I read the book when it came out in hardback a few months ago, and thought it was absolutely fabulous.

So without further ado here is what i thought .

My review …

Back of the book :

What if you lost your husband and you had to hold your family together ?

And what if, after the hard and traumatic years, when you feel you and your children have finally put the pain and agony of his loss behind you, the man you believed gone forever turns out to be alive and well ?

And he want to come back into your lives.

Could you – Should you – let him ?

For Alice and her teenage daughters Jools and Holly, it can never go back to being how it was. But can it bee anything else ?

What I Think :

The book begins with Alice starting a new life and getting engaged to Dan. Ben, her husband and father of her two girls, Jools and Holly has been gone for two long years, he is presumed dead. He was a top surgeon and had been asked to go to Eritrea in East Africa to perform surgery on a diplomat, however a couple of days into the trip there was an accident and it was thought that he had been blown up in a car bomb. Alice has had to cope with her grief and her children’s grief also. Her brother, Kevin has been her rock, finally she feels able to move on.

Its at her engagement party to Dan that she receives a phone call that changes everything, Ben is alive and coming home, will Alice be able to give him what he wants so badly ….?

The book then jumps back two years to tell Alice and Ben’s Story…

This really is an unputdownable book, about when the worst happens, or when you think it has, how you can cope and move on with a little help from your family and friends. I think this is quite heart wrenching on places, however its quite a lovely story of how love and family will always win through.

Expertly written characters, that really get deep in the heart of you. I really wished that I had a brother like Kevin, he was so loving and caring and really helped Alice move on.

I really love Sinead’s books she has a real knack of writing about real life and making it special and really lovely, even if the subject matter is hard at times.

I give this wonderful book 9/10.

A big Thank you to for sending me a review copy of the book.

Out now from all good bookshops


sinead Moriarty

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