Keep You Close – Lucie Whitehouse.

lucie Whitehouse


Back of the book : 

The brilliant young painter is found dead in her snow – covered garden.

Rowan Winter, once her closest friend, knows it wasn’t an accident.

Marianne had vertigo, paralysing vertigo.

She would have never gone that close to the edge ….


What I think : 

Rowan and Marianne were childhood/teenage friends, however due to an argument when they were in they’re late teens they haven’t spoken for about ten years.

When Marianne, who is now quite a famous artist, is found dead in her own back garden, everybody thinks that she killed herself by jumping off the roof. When Marianne’s mother Jacqueline, rings Rowan to let her know what has happened and to invite her to the funeral, Rowan knows that it can’t be suicide as Marianne was scared of heights and would have never have been that close to the edge, she knows that someone must have pushed her.

As Rowan discovers more about Mariannes life she realises that her death wasn’t an accident/suicide and she sets out to discover who did this to her friend…

This is a really excellently written book, with so many twists and turns. You think you’ve got it worked out and then something else happens and you think ‘No’ and you have rethink it all !

Its keeps you right on the edge of your seat right until the end. I was having a reading slump when I discovered this gem of a book, but it certainly got me out of it, I couldn’t put it down.

I give this great thriller 8/10.

Published by bloomsbury Circus on 10/03/16.

I purchased my copy from WHsmith for £9.99.

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