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Missing, Presumed – Susie Steiner – Blog Tour.

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Back of the book : 

A young woman vanishes.

A smear of blood in the kitchen of the house she shares with her boyfriend suggests a struggle.

As soon as Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw sees the photograph of missing Edith Hind – a beautiful Cambridge post-grad from  well connected family – she knows the case will be big. And she’s right : pressure soon mounts from the media and on high.

Can Manon see clearly enough to solve the mystery of Edith’s disappearance  ?

Can she withstand intimidation from Sir Ian Hind, Edith’s father, who has friends in high places ?

And when a body is found, will it mean the end or the beginning ?


What I think : 

Edith is missing, Will, her boyfriend came home to find her gone, she hadn’t taken her coat, keys, car or phone. There was a small amount of blood on the floor. What can have happened to her ? She was last seen by her friend who dropped her home after a night out together.

D.S Manon Bradshaw is looking for love but failing awfully. She goes on nights out with men she meets on on-line dating sites, however they are either not her type or just plain weird. Its after one of these dates that she is laying in bed listening to the police radio when she hears a call out about a missing woman. Manon responds to this call, not knowing until she gets there how big this one is going to be. It turns out that the person missing just so happens to be Sir Ian and Lady Miriam Hinds Daughter. Everyone knows that the first seventy two hours in cases like this are the most critical, so Manon is under lots of pressure from all sides.

Will Manon be able to put her personal baggage aside to concentrate on this case or will she fail under pressure ?

I really did quite like this book, as it’s set in and around Huntington, where my husbands family come from and still live, I really did feel like I was there as all the places they visited seemed very familiar to me. Each chapter is from each of the main characters point of view which are inter-woven together to make up the book.

Its very tense and quite cryptic right from the start. I needed to carry on reading it just to know how it all ends and what exactly did happen to poor Edith. Its such a well researched book, I really did feel like I’d stepped into a real life missing persons case. With its many twists and turns as new evidence is brought to life it all goes to make up a real missing person case.

I give this fascinating crime novel 8/10.

A very big Thank you to Hayley Camis at Harper Collins for the review copy of the book

published by Borough Press on 25/02/16.

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