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Change of plan ….

Good Morning lovely book people …

This blog post was going to be a review of the fabulous new book by Julie Cohen ‘The Day Of Second Chances’. However, after receiving a message last week from the lovely lady herself, telling me that the publishing date had in fact been moved from 28th Jan to 28th July, I thought I’d better explain why there is no review this week.  This is for various reasons, the main one being that so the publishers can repackage the novel to go along with Julie’s next novel, which will be out in early 2017.

‘The Day of Second Chances’ is a wonderful story full of heartfelt moments and some heartbreaking ones too. My full review will posted on 28 July, so be sure to look out for it…


Published by Black Swan on 28/07/17


Thats all Folks …

Happy Reading 🙂