My Top Ten Books of 2015.


Hello lovely book people …

I know its a bit late, but here’s my top ten books of 2015.

Its not in any particular order, its just the ten books that have stood out for me in 2015 🙂


10. The book of the lost and found – Lucy Foley.

Published by Harper Collins on 15/01/2015.

download (2)


9. Disclaimer – Renee Knight.

Published by Doubleday (Transworld) on 09/04/15.

images (4)


8. The Lie – C.L Taylor.

Published on 23/04/15 by Avon Books.

download (12)


7. The Day We Disappeared – Lucy Robinson

Published by Penguin on 09/04/15.

download (10)


6. Letters to The Lost – Iona Grey

Published by Simon and Schuster on 23/04/ (14)


5. We are All Made of Stars -Rowan Coleman

Published by Ebury Publishing on 21/05/15.

download (1)


4. The Sun In Her Eyes – Paige Toon. Published by Simon and Schuster on 25/05/15.

download (3)


3. The Tea Planter Wife – Dinah Jefferies.

Published by Penguin books on 03/09/15.

download (7)


2. Out of the darkness – Kay Hogan.

Published by Illumine on 06/07/15.



1. Sophie Kinsella – Shopaholic to the rescue.

Published by Bantham Press 0n 22/10/15.


Thats my Top Ten of books for last year, However there is one last book that I feel deserves a special mention and that is ….

The Years of Loving You – Ella Harper.

Published by Avon Books on 19/11/15.


I really loved this book, it really stuck with me for quite a while after reading it. Warning : Tissues at the ready !!

Thats all Folks …

Happy Reading 🙂



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