Little Girl Gone – Alexandra Burt.


Back of the book : 

When Estelle Paradise’s baby daughter is taken from her crib, she doesn’t report her missing. Days later, Estelle is found in a wrecked car with a wound to the head and no memory. Estelle knows she holds the key to what happened that night – but what she doesn’t know is whether she was responsible.


What I think : 

When Estelle wakes up in a hospital room, she can’t remember why. It turns out that she has had a car accident. She was found down a ravine, miles from home, she has very bad head injuries and was possibly shot.

One thing she does remember though is that her seven month old daughter, Mia is missing. She was missing before the accident, Estelle got up the morning before the accident and everything belonging to Mia was gone. The only thing that was left was the empty crib.

Her husband Jack, is at the end of his tether with Estelle, he’s had enough of Estelle’s behaviour and secretly thinks that Estelle may have done something to their daughter. Estelle had been behaving very strangely in the months leading up to the disappearance and really doesn’t trust her anymore.

I must admit I’m really not sure about this book, I mean why would any mother in their right mind not report the disappearance of their baby straightaway to the police ? I find the the whole thing slightly unbelievable if I’m really honest. I know if it was my child I would be shouting to anyone that would listen that he/she had been kidnapped. There is also far too much information, which makes it really confusing. You’re wading through so much back story for the characters that it’s really hard to actually work out which is story and which bits are history.

I really usually enjoy a thriller, not able to put it down until I find out what’s going on, however with this one I found myself getting bored quite quickly.

Sadly this one wasn’t for me, I give it 6/10.

Published on 24/09/15 by Avon Books.

A big Thank you to Avon Books for the review copy in return for a honest review.


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