House of Dreams – Fanny Blake – Blog Tour.

Back of the book : 

It’s only a long weekend – What could possibly go wrong ?

In the hilltop villa with it’s spectacular view across rolling  countryside to the straits of Gibraltar, Lucy anxiously awaits the arrival of her brother and sister.

They’re spending the weekend together to say farewell to Casa de Suenos, the house in the mountains of Southern Spain where they grew up.

Her Sister Jo, landing at the airport with her fractious four year old, dreads the prospect of this time with her family which will fulfil their mothers last instructions that they celebrate her birthday, with a party, together. Only this time their mother wont be there.

Tom, their brother, remembers the chaos of his bohemian upbringing and wants nothing more than for their stay to go off without a hitch, Then a beautiful face from the past appears at the villa …

Over one long, hot weekend, past secrets will spill out, making the siblings question themselves, the choices they’ve made and where their future lies …

What I think : 

Jo, Lucy and Tom have recently lost their Hope mother to cancer. She has always lived in Southern Spain, however when Hope knew that her Cancer was terminal, she moved back to the UK to be with her children for her last weeks. It was there with Lucy that she passed away.

The three siblings and their families have returned to their mothers house in Spain for one last time. To celebrate her birthday with one last party for family and friends and then after that to close and sell Casa de Suenos, the family home.

There is a lot of tension between the siblings, the two girls don’t seem to get on with Tom’s wife Belle and Tom feels he’s stuck in the middle, Lucy is having problems in her marriage to Art and Jo just feels alone, being a single parent.

Over the course of the long hot weekend as secrets emerge, will life ever be the same again ..?

This is a fabulous book, with wonderful descriptions of the Spanish countryside, I could almost feel the sun on my face. The lovely characters all fitted together really well, the two girls characters were really well written, Tom however I thought was slightly ineffectual and his wife, Belle was a very strong person, but maybe that wasn’t a bad thing as they did work well together.

I really loved the style of writing with its funny, yet serious side, it really made me chuckle in places, especially the airport/ lost bag scene.

Yes, I really did love this book, its a gorgeous tale of family life and having to pull together when a parent dies, however you feel about each other.

I give this beautiful and heartwarming tale of love and loss 9/10.

Published on 05/11/15 by Orion.

A very big thank you to Elaine Egan at Orion for the review copy of the book in exchange for a honest review.

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