A Snow Garden – Rachel Joyce – Blog Tour.

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Back of the book : 

In the course of a fortnight at the end of a year … a woman finds a cure for a broken heart where she least expects it ; a husband and wife build their son a bicycle and in the process, deconstruct their happy marriage ; freak weather brings the airport to a standstill on Christmas day ; a young woman will change her life by saying one word.

Here are seven linked stories. Each of them a small masterpiece, but as one character steps forward and another steps back, it is the way they interweave that Rachel Joyce pinpoints much of the humour and tragedy of our everyday experience.

What I think : 

This is a wonderful little collection of seven stories.

All the characters are interwoven and interlocked with each other in a small way. There is Binny, a single parent of two children with her broken heart, Alice and Alan and their son, Will. They are building a bicycle on Christmas eve, for Will for Christmas, but all they seem to do is unravel their long marriage. And we mustn’t forget Magda who is very pregnant ….

Some of the stories have a touch of Christmas magic and others are just about coping with family life. However all the stories are just wonderful and meaningful in their own way.

I really enjoyed Rachel’s two previous books, ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’ and my personal favourite ‘The Love song of Miss Queenie Hennessy’, So when I won a copy of ‘A Snow Garden’ I couldn’t wait to get reading and I wasn’t disappointed. Right from the wonderful ‘Foreward’ at the beginning of the book, to the end of the very last story it’s truly an un-put-downable book. If you only read one Christmassy book this festive holiday, make sure it’s this one.

I give this book a very festive 10/10.

Published by Doubleday (Penguin Random House) on 05/11/15.

A very big thank you to the publishers Doubleday and to Alison Barrow for the copy of the book.

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