Shopaholic to the Rescue – Sophie Kinsella.

Back of the book : 

To las Vegas … and beyond.

Becky Brandon (nee Bloomword) is on a major rescue mission ! Hollywood was full of surprises, and now she’s on a road trip to Las Vegas to help her friends and family.

She’s determined to get to the bottom of why her dad has mysteriously disappeared, help her best friend Suze and even bond with Alica Bitch long-legs (maybe …)

As Becky discovers just how much her friends and family need help, she comes up with her biggest, boldest, most brilliant plan yet. Can she save the day when they need her the most ?

What I think : 

This book picks up where the last one stopped almost to the minute. Becky, Suze and the rest of the gang are all aboard a Massive RV taking them to Las Vegas and beyond, hot in pursuit of Becky’s dad and Suze’s husband Tarkie and not forgetting the awful Bryce. Just what are they up too and what does Becky’s dad Graham have to put right ? while all the time Becky is worried that her friendship with Suze will never be the same again, especially as Alica Bitch long-legs is there all the time, never leaving her alone for a second. Also add to the mix that Becky has problems of her own, she’s not been feeling herself for quite a while.  Will she be able to save the day and herself before it’s too late ?

Becky is back !

I have to say that the ‘Shopaholic’ Books have always been a personal favourite of mine and I always really look forward to the next book coming out. I was a little disappointed last time when the book was left on a cliff hanger so I was really glad to see that this next book picked up exactly when the other one left off. All the fabulous characters are there. However this time Sophie has written Becky’s character slightly more grown up, but don’t get me wrong Becky is still Becky in her own lapsidazical way just a bit more thoughtful. This book as usual had me laughing out loud in the middle of the staff room with it’s wonderfully funny bits.

I don’t want to say too much as I don’t want to ruin it for everyone, however I will say this, Sophie has written another absolutely excellent book that I absolutely loved.

I give this latest ‘Shopaholic’ a very well earned 10/10.

Published by Bantam Press on 22/10/15

A huge, thank you to Sally Wray at Transworld (penguin random house uk) for the review copy of the book.

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