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High Tide – Veronica Henry.

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Back of the book : 

Pennfleet might be a small town, but there was never a dull momentin its narrow winding streets ….

Returning from New York, Kate can’t help but feel a pang of affection fro the little town by the sea where she grew up. If only she were returning in happier circumstances.

Kissing the widow of the richest man in town wasn’t one of  Nathan’s best ideas. Now he can’t get Vanessa out of his mind. Small towns can be dangerous places if you’re in the middle of a scandal.

Her husband’s death has left Vanessa unsure of where to go next. After years of playing the part of trophy wife, she can finally think about what she wants.

Sam’s deli is the place where locals pour their troubles and swap gossip, but has anyone stopped to notice what’s troubling Sam recently ?

What I think : 

Kate has just returned to her home town for her mum’s funeral. She hasn’t been home for quite a few years. She has a very good job in New York.

Nathan works for the local undertakers as a driver. He also lives with his Grandad and looks after him.

Vanessa’s husband has just died, she was his second wife and didn’t really get on with his first family very well. When she meets Nathan at her husband’s funeral (he was driving one of the cars) she gets on with him VERY well !

Sam’s wife died a few years ago, so he moved himself and his two teenage children to Pennfleet for a new start.

This is a wonderfully written, gorgeous book about the many people that live in the sleepy seaside town of Pennfleet. It tells of love and bereavement and moving on after something awful has happened.

Its a very heartwarming book that picks you up and carries you along from the first page to the last. It has all the right stuff, fab characters and gorgeous descriptions of the lovely little Cornish seaside town by the sea.

All in all another triumph for Veronica. I really loved this gem of a book and give it a well earned 9/10.

Published by Orion Books on 24/09/15.

A very big thankyou to Emma at Orion books for the the advanced review copy.