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No Place To Hide – Susan Lewis.

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Back of the book : 

Isn’t that the point ? To go to a place where no one knows me ? 

Justine Cantrell has abandoned the husband and family she loves, along with a successful business and all her friends, to start a new life, with a new name, in a place many thousands miles away.

She carries with her a terrible secret that must, at all costs, remain hidden.

But as Justine starts to settle into her new community, her world is suddenly shattered once more.

And she is forced to confront the truth : no matter how far you run or how deeply you hide, you can never truly leave your past behind. 

What I think : 

Justine has run away from everything, her husband, her family and her job. She has gone thousands of miles away and fled to her childhood home in Culver, Indiana, USA. She has brought her four-year-old daughter Tallulah with her. She is starting a new life, but why ?

Justine and her parents lived in America when her and her brother were young, they moved to the UK when her father got a new job here, Justine was around seven and her brother Rob was about five. She remembers that she had a grandma left in America and that is why she feels drawn to the place.

To start with everything seems to go well, but then odd things start to happen, like the locals seem to know more about her grandmother than they are letting on and why is Justine receiving threatening emails ? And why is it every time Justine asks her mother Camilla questions about her Grandmother she clams up and wont say anything ? What exactly is it that Justine will find as she delves deeper into her families past ?

The start of this book is slightly confusing as it jumps back quite a few years to London, in ‘before’ and back to Culver USA in ‘after’. It only gives you tiny snippets of the story, its more like a build up to the ‘awful’ thing that happened to Justine and her family to make her run thousands of miles away. You don’t find out exactly what the ‘awful’ thing is till almost the end. However its a biggie and well worth the wait.

Susan Lewis has always been one of my favourite authors and believe me, this book is a fabulous read. I really liked it, it has plenty of secrets and lies and lots of intrigue as you would expect from one of Susan’s books.

I give this excellent book 10/10.

A big Thank you to Netgalley and Century books for the Digital copy of the book to read and review.