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I Knew You Were Trouble – Paige Toon.

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Back of the book : 

Jessie Jefferson’s dad is a global superstar. But life as a secret daughter of a world famous rock god isn’t easy.

After a whirlwind summer in LA with celebrity parties and a certain hot  guitarist to keep her occupied, Jessie’s finding it hard to work out who she is. And who she wants ….

The world’s press is closing in, and LA is calling. How long can Jessie keep her secret life hidden ?

Summer may be over, but this story is just beginning …

What I think : 

Jessie Pickerill had a normal life until her 15th birthday, because that’s the day her mum was killed in a accident and her life changed forever. Fast forward almost a year and she’s discovered that her real dad is Johnny Jefferson, Rock God. Her mum Candy, had a quick fling with him years ago when he was going through is drink/drugs stage. She never told him that she was pregnant. Now Jessie has a superstar dad, She’s been to LA and visited him and his wife Meg and her two little half brothers, Barney and Phoenix, she got on really well, she made some friends including Agnes, who happens to have a very sexy brother Jack ! But now she’s back and life has gone back to normal, she’s even got a boyfriend, the very lovely Tom, however she’s beginning to feel really confused and doesn’t know where she fits in, here with her mates and step dad Stu ? or with Johnny and Meg in LA ? She doesn’t really know who she is or what she wants …

When the press find out about that Johnny Jefferson has a ‘secret daughter’ they go mad trying to find out who it is. When they press find out that it’s actually Jessie who is Johnny’s daughter, something bad happens and Johnny insists that Jessie goes back to LA so he can keep her safe. So Jessie boards the plane and goes off to America, what will happen when she see’s Jack again ? And will she discover if her future lies here in the UK or in LA  … ?

This is the second book in the ‘Jessie Jefferson’ Series, one that I have been waiting for with baited breath. Well, I absolutely loved it ! I read it in just under a day. Paige is such a excellent writer that it just feels like you are there in the thick of all the drama. I loved Jessie’s character and I really felt her teenage angst. Of course this is no normal teenage story, as not every teenager finds out that they have a rock star dad on their 15th birthday. However she does have all the normal problems to solve, like life, love and sadly bereavement. What I remember from my teenage years is that can be pretty confusing at the best of times without famous parents added to the mix.

I know this is a young adult novel, however I think that the story is so good that it can appeal to all ages not just teenagers. I especially loved the cliff hanger at the end and I can’t wait for the third ‘Jessie’ book to see what happens next.

I loved this book and I give it 10/10.

Published by Simon and Schuster on 30/07/15.

A very big Thankyou to @maximum Pop! for the review copy of the book to read and review.