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A Proper Family Adventure – Chrissie Manby.


Back of the book : 

Could you spend two weeks at sea with your family ? 

Thanks to a unexpected windfall, the Bensons are treating themselves to a luxury cruise. With stop-offs in Barcelona, Rome and Marseille, plus constant entertainment onboard, it’s a dream come true …. Or is it ? Last time Chelsea Benson went on holiday with this lot she nearly went crazy.

Her Mum and Sister are convinced Chelsea’s boyfriend Adam will propose on the ship. Chelsea’s sure he won’t, but she can’t help feeling butterflies as they set sail. Is Adam going to pop the question, or will the only ting to go pop be Chelsea’s ego ?

Onboard dramas, family upheavels, memories and sunshine … 

What I think : 

Its Grandad Bill’s Birthday, His eighty-seventh to be precise. All his family are at the party, Son Dave and Daughter-in-Law Jacqui, their daughters, Chelsea, Ronnie and Annabel. Ronnie is married to Mark and they have Sophie and Jack, Chelsea has been seeing Adam now for almost a year and she’s got pretty close to his daughter Lilly, and of course not forgetting Annabel with her husband Richard and their children Izzy and Humfrey. So when Bill’s Great-Grandson Jack buys him a lottery ticket for his birthday and it actually wins (well, Fifty thousand pounds) everyone is overjoyed. After much deliberating they decide to go on a family cruise. Annabell and her family won’t be joining them because Izzy, their daughter had to have a kidney transplant a few months ago. After going to a festival and taking illegal drugs she nearly died, if it hadn’t have been for anonymous donor they would have lost her. So they need to be near the hospital just in case they need medical treatment quickly. In the event it turns out that Grandad Bill can’t go because he gets a chest infection and Sophie can’t either because she gets an internship at a local newspaper, so they both go to stay with Annabel.

So off the Bensons sail on the trip of a lifetime, will it be a happy holiday for the family with a bit of magical romance for Chelsea or a bit of a wash-out … ?

I really quite liked this book, I haven’t read the other two books in the ‘Proper Family’ series featuring the Bensons, but I didn’t have any trouble getting into to this book. I liked the Bensons as a whole, I thought Jack was really quite cute and I loved the idea of ‘Ted’ the bear having adventures of her own. We also meet two other characters that weren’t from the Benson family, but still connected to them, and they are Kirsty and Jane. Jane has recently lost her fiance, Greg ( this is where the connection is – I wont say what, as I don’t want to spoil it ) in a car accident and they just so happen to be on the same cruise as the Bensons. I really liked Kirsty, Jane’s best friend, she was really lovely and caring and in my opinion, she put up with quite a bit from Jane. However I couldn’t really warm to Jane at all. I understand that she was still grieving for Greg, but she just seemed to wallow. Having said that though I didn’t dislike Jane, I just wished she could have bucked up a bit and got on with living again.

This is a really enjoyable, easy beach read, with some really fabulous laugh out loud moments. Chrissie must have really enjoyed this particular fact-finding trip ! Two weeks on a cruise ? yes please !

I’ve read most of Chrissie’s other books so I was really looking forward to this one and it didn’t disappoint, I give this lovely book 9/10.

Published by Hodder on 17/07/15.