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The Flower Arrangement – Ella Griffin – Blog Tour.

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Back Of the book : 

Golden Peonies bowing their heads beneath blue delphinium bells. Delicate pink anemones threaded between freckled green orchids. Soft apricot roses woven together with velvety purple irises.

Every bouquet tells a story.

And every story begins at Blossom & Grow, a tiny jewel-like flower shop in the heart of Dublin. Here, among the buckets of fragrant blooms, beneath the flickering candles and lanterns, Lara works her magic. Translating feelings into flower arrangements that change hearts and lives.

But what about her own heart ? Has she really healed since she lost her chance to be a mother ? What will happen when her own story takes a sudden turn ?

Can the flowers that heal the customers work their magic on the florist …. ?

What I think : 

Lara is a Florist, she lives in Dublin, Ireland.

She’s married to Michael, however her marriage isn’t working. She was a Graphic Designer but after getting pregnant and losing her child to a late miscarriage, She decided to have a change of career. Being a Florist is what she decided on, as she’s always loved flowers and feels a calm peace when she’s around them. She believes that she doesn’t do the arrangements, the flowers just ‘know’ where to go.

Other things in her life aren’t too good either, her Mum died when she was a young child, leaving her father to bring up her and her younger brother Phil alone. Sadly now her Dad has got terminal Lung Cancer. He’s in the hospital with not long to live.

However she doesn’t let life bother her, she tries to see the best in everything and everybody. She finds such sheer delight in anything floral and really tries to help all the people she meets in her shop.

Each chapter is entitled with a flower and its meaning, which is woven into that chapter. This is a really fabulous book, a really easy read with some really lovely characters.

Ella is a really excellent writer that has the ability to weave everything together to make a really beautiful book. There are some really serious subjects covered, such as, Cancer and death which sadly sometimes follows, love, marriages and some really tangled webs. It makes you feel happy and sad in equal measures, however its one of the nicest books I’ve read in a long time. I shall certainly be looking out for other books from the same author.

I give this genuinely gorgeous read 9/10.

Published by Orion Books on 18/06/15.

A very big Thank you to Lucy Robinson from Orion for sending me the review copy of the book in return for a honest review. 🙂