Under a Cornish Sky – Liz Fenwick.

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Back of the book : 

Demi desperately needs her luck to change. She’s missed out on her dream job and has been betrayed by her boyfriend. Pitching up at her Grandfathers Cornish cottage is her only option.

Victoria thinks she’s finally got what she wanted : the gorgeous Cornish estate her family owned for generations is now hers following her husbands sudden death. After years of a loveless marriage and many secret affairs of her own, Victoria thinks widowhood will suit her very well indeed …

But both Demi and Victoria are in for a surprise. Can these two very different women find a way forward when luck changes their lives so drastically.

What I think : 

Victoria is married to Charles, but she also has a very much younger toyboy,  oh and she fancies the gardener as well. Her husband brought back her family home in Cornwall after her brother died and it was sold to someone else. ”Boscowen” is very special to Victoria, its been in her family since 1500’s, She grew up there and she doesn’t want anything to change. For the last couple of years, since Charles brought it back for her shes been trying to get the many acres of garden back to it former glory. Then suddenly, one night, her husband dies in a car accident. She thinks that finally the house and the estate will finally belong to her, However, Charles had other plans ….

Demi’s life is not going quite how she planned it. Her mum has died quite suddenly, She’s lost her dream job to someone she helped who then in return, stole her work from under her nose when she had time off grieving for her mum and was attending her funeral. She then discovers her boyfriend is not who she thought he was, he seems to have developed strange sexual ‘preferences’. There is only one thing left to do, she runs away to her Grandad’s house in Cornwall. She only has the clothes she stands up in, so she visits the charity shop and there she meets Peta, who turns out to be just the sort of friend she needs. Then quite out of the blue, whilst she is still staying at her Grandad’s she receives a letter from a solicitor that changes her life forever ….

This is the first of Liz’s books that I’ve actually read, and I’ve been missing a treat. I really enjoyed this book. Liz has a brilliant style of writing and I really loved the wonderful cast of characters. Take Victoria for instance, when we first meet her I thought she was a bit of a gold-digging bitch that only seemed to be concerned with how much money she could fleece out of her husband for her ‘garden’, but as the book goes on and things happen to her she becomes a lot more human and likeable. Demi however, when we meet her is very ‘mousey’ and ‘put upon’ but throughout the book she grows into a very strong independent person who really knows what she wants.

When I first started to read the book I did wonder how the main characters would actually link up, but without giving too much away, they do all do tie-up wonderfully.  I especially liked the wonderful Sam, he sounds like the sort of person everybody should have in their life, solid and trust-worthy. 

This is a book that you can curl up in a chair and lose yourself in. It has plenty of twists and turns in that make you want to gasp out loud. But also some really lovely tender moments too.

All in all this is a fabulous book that I would really recommend to all my friends, I’m certainly going to invest in liz’s other books too. 

I give this lovely tale 10/10.

A very BIG Thank you to the author Liz Fenwick for sending me the signed  copy of the book to read and review.

Published by Orion on 07/05/15.

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