The Dandelion Years – Erica James

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Back of the book : 

In a cottage in Suffolk, Saskia devotes her days tending to broken, battered books that find their way to her. When she discovers a notebook carefully concealed in a old bible, she finds herself drawn into a heart-rending tale of wartime love ….


What I think : 

Saskia is a book restorer. she loves books and makes it her life’s work to repair forgotten, unloved books. She lives with her father Ralph, and two Grandpa’s Harvey and Oliver. After a family tragedy on Saskia’s tenth birthday, where her Mum and two grandma’s where killed in a road accident, they decided to all live together in a cottage in the country, so they could help each other through the worst time of their lives.

Ralph, her father sells antique books. Whilst helping her dad sort through some boxes of books, she finds an old bible. Inside the old bible, in a hollowed out part at the back of the book she finds an old notebook. As Saskia starts to read the notebook she discovers that its actually a diary of sorts, entitled ‘The Dandelion Years’ its tells a story of wartime England in the 1940’s. The unknown author of this notebook is actually at Bletchley Park and helping to uncover secret codes from the Germans ! This spurs Saskia on to find out more about the book and its author. Add to the mix a handsome love interest in the shape of Matthew Grey a customer of Ralph’s, could it be that Saskia’s life is on the up …. ?

I really did love this book. I especially like the way it time travels between now and the 1940’s, I always think that it adds something a little bit extra when you have two time lines. The characters are very warm and loving and really seem to care about each other. However to start with I did feel quite sorry for Saskia as she didn’t seem to have any friends, and living with your dad and two old men really didn’t seem much fun to me. But as the book progresses you discover that this is how she really wants it and its OK. And of course it all comes together at the end, as you would expect from one of Erica’s book’s. This is a fabulous book that is a lovely gentle read that  makes you feel all warm inside.

I give this book 8/10.

Published on 26 Feb 2015 by Orion Books.

A very big Thank you to NetGalley and BookBridgr for the Digital/review copy of the book to read and review.







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