Second Life – SJ Watson.


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Back of the Book :

She Loves Her Husband.

She’s Obsessed By A Stranger.


She’s A Devoted Mother.

She’s Prepared To Lose Everything.


She Knows What she’s Doing.

She’s Out Of Control.


She’s Innocent.

She’s As Guilty As Sin.





What I Think : 

Julia is a photographer. One of her photo’s ‘Marcus in the Mirror’ has made her quite famous. Marcus was an ex-boyfriend who she lived with in Berlin.

She’s married to Hugo, a surgeon. Together they have adopted Connor, who is Julia’s sister Kate’s child. Connor was adopted when he was a small baby because Kate couldn’t look after him properly as she was very young. Kate now lives in Paris and wants Connor back, She rings nightly to beg Julia for him.

One night Kate is murdered in an alleyway in France. Together with Kate’s flatmate, Anna, Julia discovers that Kate had been going on ‘dating’ sites and was having ‘cyber’ sex. So she sets up herself a profile on a dating site called ‘Encountrz’, she’s convinced herself that Kate’s killer is on there and she’ll be able to find him …

To start with I felt quite sorry for Julia, she’s lost her sister and she has a problem with drink, and of course she has all the other normal stresses of family and married life. However as the book progresses I found myself feeling less and less sympathetic. She seemed very easily led and a bit of a ‘dish cloth’ and  I’m not sure if anyone would really do those things so easily and quickly without not much thought for anyone else. I also thought that either her husband Hugo was a little blind as to what she was up to or he just didn’t care.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what I think to this book. Yes it has a twist at the end, so it ticks the right box for a thriller and yes the twist is a pretty good one, but I found myself working out ‘who did it’ about half way through. I’ve got to say that I didn’t think it was quite as good as ‘Before I go to Sleep’, which kept me on my toes from start to finish.

I give this book 7/10 as it is quite readable, but not one that will stick in my mind for too long.

Published by Doubleday on 12 Feb ’15.

I  purchased my copy from WHSmith £7:99.




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