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Christmas with Billy and Me – Giovanna Fletcher.

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Back of the book : 

Christmas has come to Rosefont Hill

And its destined to be a particularly special one for Sophie May.

When a smitten stranger emails Sophie to ask her if he can propose to the woman he loves in her cosy teashop, the romantic in her finds it impossible to refuse. Even though Christmas is her busiest time of the year, she has her own sweetheart, Hollywood actor Billy Buskin, to lend a helping hand. How could she say no to making someone’s dream come true ?

As Sophie and Billy work together to plan the perfect fairytale proposal, excitement in Rosefont Hill is mounting. Who is the mysterious man ? And who is the lucky lady he’s about to get down on one knee for ?


What I think : 

Christmas is coming to Rosefont Hill.

Sophie is now running the teashop as Molly has sadly died a few months ago. Billy is with her as he’s decided to take a year off from acting. When she receives a email one night from someone, asking if they can propose in her Teashop on Christmas eve, She says yes, although she doesn’t actually know who it is, as they didn’t leave a name. Just who is it that wants to propose to their love at Christmas … ?

This is a really tiny Christmas short, as its only 54 pages long !  although having said that, much has been packed into this small offering.

It is a sweet little story to get you into the mood for Christmas. I think its always really nice to re-visit characters you’ve already read about to see what they’ve been up too, especially at Christmas. Although I did think that the ending is slightly predicable.

There is also a really handy section at the back with a few little tips to keep you going at Christmas.

I give this 9/10

Published on 06 November by Penguin.

I purchased my copy of the book at Waterstones – £1:99




Secret Santa – Scarlett Bailey.


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Back of the Book :

A self-confessed Christmas Queen, Sue Montaigne prides herself on organising the annual nativity pageant in her small Cornish village of Poldore.

But this year, what with having to deal with the repairs on Castle House after it was wrecked by a terrible storm, training a new – and frankly flighty – Virgin Mary and managing a Joseph who is allergic to sheep, she is distinctly lacking a little bit of ‘me’ time.

And then there are the auditions for the new Santa. But nothing prepares her for the beautiful man who turns up, a twinkle in his eye and a promise to make her Christmas dreams come true ….


What I think :

We’re back in Poldore with Sue and the gang for this brilliant Christmas short.

Sue’s having trouble juggling everything she needs to do for the yearly Christmas Pageant. She needs to find a new Santa, as the old one decides to have this year off. (well he is 83 ! )  As well as that she has family problems at home too ..

Its lovely being back in Poldore, with everybody, Tamsyn and her gorgeous vicar husband, Jed,  Alex the harbour mistress and her hubby Ruan ( and not forgetting their two lovely dogs skipper and buoy)  And also a few new characters too, This time we meet Poldore’s very own movie star, Blake Fletcher (swoon ! ) Wouldn’t we all love a Blake to come and sweep us off our feet, and the most wonderful, Nick, who comes to the Santa auditions, could he really be the man himself … ?

I really loved this gorgeous short, It makes you feel very Christmassy and festive. I really like the way that Scarlett writes with humour and adds a bit of seriousness too, and also the way that she describes the scenery so vividly. The Cornwall / Devon area is my most favourite place in the world, at any time of the year and I really felt like I standing on a cold Cornish beach whilst I was reading this.

I really love scarlett/Rowan’s books and I always wait in anticipation for the next one, this one is up there with the best.

I give this lovely, lovely Christmas book 10/10.

Published on 06 November 2014 by EBury Publishing.

Thank you to NetGalley and  Ebury Publishing for the digital copy to read and review.