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My Weekly Round-Up 30/11/14.




Hello Lovely Book People !

Welcome to this weeks Round-up 🙂

I’m afraid to say that I’ve not finished reading the book that I started last Saturday, ‘The Seven Sisters’ by Lucinda Riley,( a truly excellent read so far). I’ve had a really busy week. I started my new job at Tesco’s and I haven’t really had time to do anything 😦  I haven’t written any reviews either, so I’m a bit behind  😦

I will try a lot harder next week, I promise 🙂

I haven’t been accepted to read any this week because I’ve been trying very hard to get my percentage up, so I didn’t request any. I also wasn’t sent any either 😦  Fingers crossed for some book post next week 🙂


So that’s it for this week folks !

Happy reading 🙂











My Weekly Round-Up 23/11/14.




Hello lovely book people 🙂

Welcome to this weeks round-up 🙂

I’ve had a really busy, but excellent week this week. After months and months of trying to find a job, I have finally got one !! I started this week and I really like it so far…  However its bad news on the book front because it means I wont have as much time to do my favourite thing, read 😦

I’m hoping to still be able to get through at least one book a week, so I’ll still be reading, reviewing and blogging 🙂

Anyway lovely people, without further ado, here’s this weeks round-up 🙂


Books I was sent this week :

Etta, Otto and Russell and James – Emma Hooper – (Sent by Celeste at Penguin books – I was sent a gorgeous limited edition reviewers pack)



Book I was Accepted to read this week : 

None – I didn’t request any.



Books I’ve Purchased this week :

The Seven Sisters – Lucinda Riley – (Waterstones – £14:99)

Tell Me Tomorrow – Lynda Bellingham – (Waterstones – £7:99)



Books I’ve read /currently reading this week :

Its Not Me Its You – Mhairi Mcfarlene – I did really try to read this one, but I just couldn’t get into it 😦 I will go back to it at a later stage to try again.

Christmas in the Snow – Karen Swan – (Tesco – £3:85) – Currently reading.

The Seven Sisters – Lucinda Riley – ( Waterstones £14:99) – Currently reading.


That’s all for this week folks !

Happy Reading 🙂











*** Book News *** Milked – Lisa Doyle.


Milked Cover Art


Milked by Lisa Doyle

By and large, Amanda Keane makes pretty good decisions. Okay, she might not have the best taste in men, but she’s got great friends, a good job, and an independent spirit. That is, until her 30th birthday ushers in a whirlwind romance with a sexy Irish musician who leaves her, not at the altar as she imagined, but accidentally pregnant. And when he disappears, she’s downsized out of a job, her apartment is robbed, and lapsed health insurance coverage leaves her with a C-section to pay for, Amanda is launched headfirst into the life of a broke single mom. But her friend and uber successful ob-gyn, Joy, clues her in to an unlikely temp position with one of Chicago’s celebrity elite that just may be the answer to all her woes. Or could it be just the beginning?

It’s with serious trepidation that Amanda embarks on her surprisingly lucrative new career: underground wet nurse to the offspring of Chi-town’s rich and famous. Amanda must quickly understand how to live at the whims and mercy of the one percent as she deals with the irony of nursing – and loving – someone else’s child, while still making ends meet for her own daughter. And then there’s Cute Daycare Dad (aka Dan), who’s obviously interested in her. But can she afford to tell him what she really does for a living? Is her new job (something she thought went out with the 19th century) a shameful thing? Just another way of selling her body? Or does it have something to teach her after all?

A novel of motherhood, its many demands, and all the little triumphs along the way, MILKED is a warm and witty debut about making tough choices and traveling the roundabout road to happiness.


Published on ebook on 21 November 2014.




About Lisa Doyle

Lisa Doyle is a communications manager and freelance writer based in the Chicago area. A native of Hinsdale, Illinois and a graduate of Miami University, she spent several years editing business-to-business publications for the personal care industry before moving to the nonprofit sector, and currently works in advocacy for homeless families at Bridge Communities in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. She has written for major beauty trade publications (Global Cosmetic Industry, Skin Inc, Salon Today, Modern Salon, Renew, Suburban Life) and is a contributor to WOMEN REINVENTED: TRUE STORIES OF EMPOWERMENT AND CHANGE (LaChance Publishing, 2010).

Doyle is represented by Claire Anderson-Wheeler of Regal Literary, Inc., a full-service agency based in New York.

For more about Lisa, please visit her website.

On twitter she’s @bylisadoyle. On Facebook she’s at

For buy links, please go to









Christmas with Billy and Me – Giovanna Fletcher.

download (12)


Back of the book : 

Christmas has come to Rosefont Hill

And its destined to be a particularly special one for Sophie May.

When a smitten stranger emails Sophie to ask her if he can propose to the woman he loves in her cosy teashop, the romantic in her finds it impossible to refuse. Even though Christmas is her busiest time of the year, she has her own sweetheart, Hollywood actor Billy Buskin, to lend a helping hand. How could she say no to making someone’s dream come true ?

As Sophie and Billy work together to plan the perfect fairytale proposal, excitement in Rosefont Hill is mounting. Who is the mysterious man ? And who is the lucky lady he’s about to get down on one knee for ?


What I think : 

Christmas is coming to Rosefont Hill.

Sophie is now running the teashop as Molly has sadly died a few months ago. Billy is with her as he’s decided to take a year off from acting. When she receives a email one night from someone, asking if they can propose in her Teashop on Christmas eve, She says yes, although she doesn’t actually know who it is, as they didn’t leave a name. Just who is it that wants to propose to their love at Christmas … ?

This is a really tiny Christmas short, as its only 54 pages long !  although having said that, much has been packed into this small offering.

It is a sweet little story to get you into the mood for Christmas. I think its always really nice to re-visit characters you’ve already read about to see what they’ve been up too, especially at Christmas. Although I did think that the ending is slightly predicable.

There is also a really handy section at the back with a few little tips to keep you going at Christmas.

I give this 9/10

Published on 06 November by Penguin.

I purchased my copy of the book at Waterstones – £1:99




Secret Santa – Scarlett Bailey.


download (9)


Back of the Book :

A self-confessed Christmas Queen, Sue Montaigne prides herself on organising the annual nativity pageant in her small Cornish village of Poldore.

But this year, what with having to deal with the repairs on Castle House after it was wrecked by a terrible storm, training a new – and frankly flighty – Virgin Mary and managing a Joseph who is allergic to sheep, she is distinctly lacking a little bit of ‘me’ time.

And then there are the auditions for the new Santa. But nothing prepares her for the beautiful man who turns up, a twinkle in his eye and a promise to make her Christmas dreams come true ….


What I think :

We’re back in Poldore with Sue and the gang for this brilliant Christmas short.

Sue’s having trouble juggling everything she needs to do for the yearly Christmas Pageant. She needs to find a new Santa, as the old one decides to have this year off. (well he is 83 ! )  As well as that she has family problems at home too ..

Its lovely being back in Poldore, with everybody, Tamsyn and her gorgeous vicar husband, Jed,  Alex the harbour mistress and her hubby Ruan ( and not forgetting their two lovely dogs skipper and buoy)  And also a few new characters too, This time we meet Poldore’s very own movie star, Blake Fletcher (swoon ! ) Wouldn’t we all love a Blake to come and sweep us off our feet, and the most wonderful, Nick, who comes to the Santa auditions, could he really be the man himself … ?

I really loved this gorgeous short, It makes you feel very Christmassy and festive. I really like the way that Scarlett writes with humour and adds a bit of seriousness too, and also the way that she describes the scenery so vividly. The Cornwall / Devon area is my most favourite place in the world, at any time of the year and I really felt like I standing on a cold Cornish beach whilst I was reading this.

I really love scarlett/Rowan’s books and I always wait in anticipation for the next one, this one is up there with the best.

I give this lovely, lovely Christmas book 10/10.

Published on 06 November 2014 by EBury Publishing.

Thank you to NetGalley and  Ebury Publishing for the digital copy to read and review.




My Weekly Round-up. 16/11/14.




Hello lovely book people and welcome to this week’s Round-up 🙂

I have had a really bad cold this week and been really blocked up 😦 However I did manage to go Christmas shopping yesterday and have got nearly half of my gifts. Christmas wont be surprising me this year ! (I had a bit of a mad rush last year 😦 )

I have also done really well on the reading front this week, I have read …. wait for it …… four books !

Regular readers of my Blog and the Round-up will know this is a pretty big achievement for me !

Anyway, lovely people here’s my round-up for this week 🙂


Books I’ve been sent this week : 

A Place called Winter – Patrick Gale – (Sent by the lovely Georgina Moore at Headline)

Alice and the Fly – James Rice – (Sent by Vero at Hodder and Stoughton)


Books I been accepted for this week :

Secret Santa – Scarlett Bailey – (NetGalley)


Books I’ve purchased this week : 




Books I’ve Read /currently reading this week :

(All books have been reviewed on my Blog unless otherwise stated.)


The Woman Who Stole My Life – Marian Keyes – 10/10 – A really brilliant book. –

A place for Us – pt4 – Harriett Evans – 10/10 – A excellent end to a wonderful serial.

Secret Santa – Scarlett Bailey – Review on my Blog Soon.

Christmas with Billy and Me – Giovanna Fletcher – Review on my Blog Soon.


That’s all for this week folks !

Happy Reading 🙂








A Place for Us – pt 4 – Harriet Evans.


download (8)


Back of the book : 

The day Martha Winter decided to tear her family apart started like any other …


The house has soft, purple wisteria twining around the door. you step inside.

The hall is cool after the hot summer’s day. The welcome is kind and always warm.

Yet something makes you suspect life here can’t be as perfect as it seems.

After all, the brightest smile can hide the darkest secret.

But wouldn’t you pay any price to have a glorious place like this ? 


Welcome to Winterfold.

Martha Winter’s family is finally coming home …..


What I think : 

So here we are back at Winterfold for the fourth and final part of this wonderful book.

This last part is entitled : The end and the beginning …

Karen’s pregnancy is progressing and is soon due to give birth, what will happen with her and Joe ? Florence has her day in court and Cat and little Luke finally move back from France to England and to Winterfold.

Martha decides, almost a year to the day to have another lunch and invites everybody, hopefully this one will be better than the last ….

I must admit that I’m a bit sad to be reading the final part of this wonderful serial. For the last few months I’ve been waiting in anticipation for the next part to arrive. However having said that, this last and final part is really worth the wait, we have all the loose ends tied up quite neatly and we also find out some more of David’s and Martha’s history.

I have really enjoyed reading this book it has had just the right amount of love, secrets and family problems, oh and plenty of twists and turns along the way to keep you interested.

I will most certainly be buying the book as a whole and I give this wonderful family saga 10/10.

Published on 23 October 2014 by Headline.

A big Thank you to Lizzie Masters at Headline review and NetGalley for the digital copy to read and review.



The Woman Who Stole My Life – Marian Keyes.

download (7)


Back of the book : 

Name : Stella Sweeney.

Height : Average.

Recent life events : dramatic.

One day, sitting in traffic, married Dublin mum Stella Sweeney attempts a good deed. The resulting crash alters her life.

For she meets a man who wants her telephone number (for insurance, it turns out). That’s okay. She doesn’t really like him much anyway (his Range Rover banjaxed her car).

But something in this meeting born a seed of something which will take Stella thousands of miles from her old life, turning an ordinary woman into a superstar, and along the way, wrenching her whole family apart.

Is this all because of one ill-advised act of goodwill ? Was meeting Mr Range Rover destiny or Karma ? Should she be grateful or hoping mad ?

For the first time, real, honest-to-goodness happiness is just within her reach. But is Stella Sweeney, Dublin housewife, ready to grasp it ?


What I think : 

Four and a half years ago, Stella Sweeney was driving along, minding her own business, when suddenly out of no-where comes a huge Range Rover, crashing into her. It completely rights off her car. The driver of the car asks her for her phone number, she christens him ‘Mr Range Rover’. She thinks she’ll never see him again …

Stella is just a normal housewife, she has an ex-husband, Ryan and two teenage children, Betsy and Jeffrey and a sister who is a bit of a bully. When she unfortunately ends up in hospital with a really serious disease, it turns out she really needs a friend and a doctor, Enter ‘Mr Range Rover’ ! It turns out he’s a neurologist and she’s his next case !

I have always been a big fan of Marian’s books, so I couldn’t wait to get stuck into this latest book. This one is a quite dark read, which I think makes it a bit different to her other books. There is still a bit of humour in it and I did find myself smiling in a couple of places.

I really liked Stella, she is just a normal woman trying to cope with what life throws at her. I found her ex-husband, Ryan was rather like a spoilt child, I really didn’t like him at all, In fact he really annoyed me when he told Stella that she ‘shouldn’t have got ill’, like she had a choice ! And lastly Mannix, well what can I say about him ? I think every woman should have a Mannix ! He is such a lovely, gorgeous man – if only he wasn’t just a character in a book !

All I can say about this book is that you really need to read it, I really don’t want to say much more because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.  I really loved this book, the only complaint that I have is that this book is so long, it was quite difficult to hold after a while !

I give this book 10/10

I’m really looking forward to the next one, Marian, please let that be soon !


Published by Penguin – Michael Joseph on 06 November 2014.

A big Thank you to the publishers penguin – Michael Joseph and NetGalley for the digital copy of the book to read and review.

(I also purchased this book from Sainburys – £9:49



My Weekly Round-up. 09/11/14.




Hello lovely book people 🙂

Welcome to this week’s Round-up.

Hope you’ve all had a a fab week 🙂

Yesterday we had our Grandson’s 2nd Birthday party at our house, which was lovely,  We also had some fireworks in the back garden, which Riley, my Grandson, thought was brilliant and kept on shouting ‘more, more’ ! Oh to be that age again eh ?

Anyway, on the book front, things have been pretty slow, and I’ve only read one and a half books this week. But I promise to try and do better next week 🙂

Anyway, without further ado here’s my round-up for this week 🙂


Book I’ve been sent this week :

A Special Delivery – Claire Dowling – (Bookbridgr)




Books I’ve been accepted to read this week : 

None, as I didn’t request any.




Books I’ve purchased this week : 

The Woman Who Stole My Life – Marian Keyes – (Sainsburys – £9:49)

I was accepted by Netgalley to read this title, but sometimes I like to buy the title also when its by one of my favourite authors.

Christmas in the Snow – Karen Swan – (Tesco – £3:85)



Books I’ve read /currently reading this week : 

(All books have been reviewed on my Blog unless otherwise stated)

Hello from the Gillespies – Monica McInerney – ( I really couldn’t get on with this book, so I didn’t finish it )

The Woman Who Stole My Life – Marian Keyes – Currently reading.



That’s all for this week folks !

Happy Reading 🙂










** Book News ** Petit Four – Edited by Lucie Simone




Petit Four 

Edited by Lucie Simone

Cake is often a major part of life’s celebrations, both big and small. From birthdays to wedding days, cake, in all its delectable concoctions, marks joyous occasions with a sweetness that can’t be beat. But even better is the love that is shared when two people connect over a sweet confection. Maybe it’s a cute new guy wreaking havoc on a broken heart, or a beautiful woman testing the limits of love, or an old beau stirring up long lost desires. Whatever the circumstances, cake can always be relied upon to save the day when it comes to affairs of the heart. In this collection of short stories, cake is the delicious center around which each tale unfolds and romance blooms.

When single mom and journalist, Olivia, sets out to find romance in Cindy Arora’s “Cake Therapy,” she gets a little help from her friends and more than a few slices of cake to coax her off the couch and into the arms of a truly great love. Lucie Simone’s “Aprez Vous” finds success-driven Tara in Paris reminiscing of her long lost love, Jean Marc, and her niece bound and determined to reunite them. In “The Heart-Shaped Secret of Raspberry Jam” by Sue Watson, cake enthusiast, Milly, meets her match in the kitchen, and other places, when new owners take over the tea rooms where she works and her talents and her heart are put to the test. And Scott, mayor of a small seaside community, flirts with political suicide in Joel Zlotnik’s “Her Charms” when he falls for new-in-town Nicole, an entrepreneur with a passion for cupcakes, and whose latest venture proves a little too sexy for the sleepy beach town.

From San Francisco to Paris, from small towns to tea rooms, this anthology tempts readers with humor, style, romance, and the powerful aphrodisiac that is cake. Petit Four is four stories, frosted with love.






Available from November 7th from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, itunes and Kobo.  get yours NOW !!!