The Beginners guide to the birds and the bees – Sophie Hart.

Back of the book :

What happens in the bedroom doesn’t have to stay in the bedroom …

Sex Therapist Annie Hall helps couples put the fizz back in their relationships. 

Its a shame her own love life is non-existent. When Jamie who works next door catches hers eye, she can’t ignore the spark of chemistry.

Most men would jump at the chance to skive off work for an afternoon quickie with their gorgeous wife, but Nick knows Julia is only after one thing – a baby. Sex shouldn’t be a chore. Can Annie help Julia see that ?

Newly engaged Zoe and Simon can’t keep their hands off each other. They’ve decided to take a vow of celibacy until their wedding night. Will Annie help them stick to it ?

Ray and Linda Have been married for over thirty years but she’s more interested in the family business than getting intimate with him. Can Annie convince Linda to rediscover her passion for Ray after all this time ?

While Annie begins to work her magic with the three couples, she soon discovers that she’ll need to take some of her own advice if she’s going to let a new man into her life …

What I think : 

Annie hall is a Sex therapist, She doesn’t have a boyfriend. She’s had a pretty awful love life, but that doesn’t stop her doing her job.

Nick and Julia are trying for a baby, However it seems that Julia wants it more than Nick. He’s finding the constant demands for sex at bit much, and just wants a good nights sleep !

Zoe and Simon have just got engaged, they are having trouble keeping their hands to themselves and not on each other. However, they want their wedding night to be special, so they’ve taken a celibacy vow. Are they going to be able to last the six months to the wedding ?

Ray and Linda have been together forever, they have 3 wonderful children and are semi retired. But the spark seems to have disappeared. Can they get it back, before its too late ?

And what is going on with Annie and Jamie from next door ? …..

Firstly I would like to say a very big Thank you to Kim Nash and the lovely people at BookOuture for sending me the digital copy of the book to read and review.

I really loved this book, although the main characters job is a sex therapist, and of course there is sex mentioned in this book it is in no way pornographic. It is written in such a refreshing, warm way, the characters are very believable. I felt quite sorry for some of the characters, especially Nick when his wife Julia was demanding sex from him all the time !

I also love the way that each chapter starts with a quote about sex from a famous person and that the main character has a love of ‘Rom Com’ films. It made me smile that she called her goldfish ‘Harry and ‘Sally’ from the film ‘When Harry met Sally’

This is a wonderful read about love, friendships, relationships and of course not forgetting sex !

It also is a book that has the ability to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, especially after a bad day.

All in all a wonderful read, I will certainly be looking out for Sophie’s other books.

I give this excellently funny book 9/10.

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