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The Summer Guest – Emma Hannigan

Back of the book :

Lexie and her husband Sam have spent years loving restoring No.3 Cashel Square to its former glory. So imagine Lexie’s delight when a stranger knocks on the door, asking to see the house she was born in over sixty years ago.

Kathleen is visiting from America, Longing to see her childhood home … and longing for the distraction from the grief of losing her husband.

And as Lexie and Sam battle over whether or not to have a baby and Kathleen struggles with her loss, The two women realise their unexpected friendship will touch them in ways neither could have imagined.

In Caracove, there’s more than a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


What I think : 

Lexie and Sam moved into their house, No.3 Cashel Square, Caracove Bay, Dublin just after they got married and have been restoring it ever since. They have been married for around 17 years but don’t have any children. 

Penelope, Lexie’s mum is always asking Lexie when she is going to have Grandchildren as Lexie is nearing forty and Penelope is concerned that Sam and Lexie may have left it too late, However what Penelope doesn’t know is that Lexie doesn’t want kids.

Kathleen is visiting Ireland for the summer, She used to live in Ireland as a child, At No.3 Cashel Square to be precise. She leaves a note for Lexie and Sam to ask if she can visit their home to see what it is like now. Lexie and Kathleen become really good friends and help each other through some tough times.

This is a very nice gentle story about love and friendships. It has some very beautifully written characters. My favourite being Amelie, Lexie’s niece who is just the right side of stropy with some quirkiness thrown in, but at the same time it also deals with pretty serious issues along the way. 

I quite liked this easy read, it’s a book you could sit down and relax with after a long days work. 

I give this book 7/10 

Published by Headline Review on 31 July 2014.

Thank you to the publishers Headline Review and Bookbridgr for the copy of the book to read and review.


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