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Mrs Sinclairs Suitcase – Louise Walters.

Back of the book : 

Forgive me, Dorothy, for I cannot forgive you …

ROBERTA likes to collect letters and postcards she finds in second-hand books. When her father gives her some of her Grandmothers belongings, she finds a baffling letter from the Grandfather she never knew – dated after he supposedly died in the war.

DOROTHY is unhappily married to Albert, who is away at war. When a aeroplane crashes in the field behind her house she meets Squadron Leader Jan Pietrykowski, and as their bond deepens she dares to hope she might find happiness. But fate has other plans for them both, and soon she is hiding a secret so momentous that its shockwaves will touch her Granddaughter many years later….

What I think :

Roberta works in the ‘Old and New’ book shop with her boss Philip, and ‘sort of ‘ friends Sophie and Jenna. One day Roberta’s father brings a suitcase to the shop that belonged to her Grandmother Dorothy/ Dorothea. Inside are some books, and inside the one of the books is a letter from the Grandfather she never knew. The letter is dated 1941, however, she has always been told her Grandfather died in the London blitz in 1940. How can that be ? 

Dorothy/Dorothea was married to Albert, it was not a very good marriage. He deserted her after she miscarried his child, and went to war. One day whilst she is hanging the washing a plane crashes in the field next to her garden. The pilot sadly died in the crash. A few days later Squadron Leader Pietrykowski visits her and it changes her life forever ….

This is a lovely, lovely book, with many heartfelt moments. The book is split into 2 sections. One with Roberta now, and the other with Dorothy/Dorothea in the 1940’s. To start with I did find the book a little confusing as it jumps around a bit, but it does sort its self out quite quickly. The two women’s stories are woven together perfectly, as they are both trying to make a life on their own, so their they are quite alike. Dorothy after her husband leaves her and Roberta after a love affair ends. 

I really did like this book, especially the way each of Roberta’s chapters start with a ‘found’ letter, and how the story tells of how secrets kept years ago can effect other people years later.

All the characters are very likeable and well written. 

An excellent first novel, I will definitely looking out for her next novel to read. 

I give this book 9/10

Published by Hodder & Stoughton on 14 August 2014

I did request a copy of this book from Bookbridgr, however it hasn’t arrived yet, so I bought my own copy – (Tesco £3:85)

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