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Your Beautiful Lies – Louise Douglas.

Back of the book : 

Annie Howarth is living a restless life in a restless town. Its 1984, and for a mining community in South Yorkshire, the strikes mean tensions are running high. Then a murdered girl is found on the moors and the anxiety levels are pushed to a dangerous breaking point.

Married to the Chief of Police, Annie should feel safe – William can be secretive, though surely whatever he’s hiding is for her own good.

But Annie is keeping her own secrets. Ten years ago the man she loved was ripped from her life in a scandal that still haunts both of them, and now his return will put her family, her marriage, even her life, at risk.


What I think : 

The Book is set in 1984, Annie and her husband William live in a South Yorkshire mining town called Matlow. William is very high up in the Police Force. They have a daughter, Elizabeth who is 7. Williams mother, Ethel also lives with them, she has Dementia. Annie’s parents and brother also live in the town. 

Tom Greenaway has just been let out of prison after serving 10 years for manslaughter.  Tom was Annie’s boyfriend before he was sent to prison. He has always said he is Innocent. Is he telling the truth ? 

Then a young woman is found murdered and left on the moors.

Set in the backdrop of the 80’s miners strike, this book is quite dark and powerful. As the book progresses you realise that Annie is not at all happy with her life, she has a husband that is never there and a Mother-in-law that sometimes doesn’t even know who she is, and she never really got over Tom going to prison and leaving her. Annie and her husband seem to have quite a few secrets and seem to be telling each other quite a few lies. 

Its quite a intense story, that has quite a few twists and turns. You don’t actually find out who the murderer is until right at the end of the book, which I felt was quite abrupt. 

I give this book 8/10.

Published on 14 August 2014 by Random House, Transworld.

Thank you to the Publishers Random House, Transworld and NetGalley for the digital copy of the book to read and review.

louise douglas your beautiful lies