The Way Back home – Freya North

We were who we were, the children of Windward – a little ragtaggle tribe defining the ethos and eccentricity of the place….

Born and brought up in a artists’ commune in Derbyshire, Oriana Taylor had freedom at her fingertips in a home full of extraordinary people.

The Bedwell brothers, Malachy and Jed, shared their childhood and adolescence with Oriana. In the rambling old house and tangled grounds, their dreams and desires could take wing unchecked.

But too much freedom comes at a price. Something happened the summer they were fifteen. And now, having gone eighteen years, Oriana is back.

This is their story .


What I think : 

Oriana grew up at Windward, a painters commune. She lived there with her mother Rachel and father Robin. Her parents split up when she was quite young. Her mother moved out of the commune to go live with Bernard, which meant that Oriana was left behind with her father.

The Bedwell Brothers, Malachy and Jed also grew up there. They were friends with Oriana and formed a tight threesome. Both boys are secretly in love with Oriana.

One summer when Oriana is fifteen there is a terrible accident and Oriana is sent away.

Eighteen years later Oriana returns to Windward for the first time after living in America for fifteen years.

This is such a lovely book that tells of teenage love and broken childhoods.

Oriana has a really odd relationship with her parents. Her mother is very cold towards her and her father is a very odd person that paints for days on end without food or sleep.

Every now and then you get a small insight to what her childhood and teenage years were like, as it dips back and forth from past to present.

Its such a bittersweet story with some really tender moments. I think that Oriana is quite quite lost and lonely and doesn’t know where she really belongs

The book has some lovely characters. such as Violet, the old lady who has lived at Windward for years and the two little girls, Emma and Kate, who live in the Old Icehouse. we also see some of Freya’s old characters again, Cat McCabe and her husband Ben and Cat’s Uncle Django . Its always really lovely to revisit old characters, its almost like meeting up with old friends.

This is a beautiful book, with a very beautiful ending that will stay with me for quite a while.

I have read all of Freya’s books and I think is one is going to have to be my favorite.

A definite 10/10



Published on 19 June 2014

Purchased from Tesco  £7.00

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